Crash Course: How to Set Up Your Twitter Account

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Since we ran out of time in class, here a


  • 1.
    • Sign In
  • Click on the person icon at the top right of the screen and select settings
  • The first tab on the left is called Account and this is where you can update your account information such as Username, Email, Language, Time Zone, Location, Media, Privacy, Https (always use this when available) and Country. You can also elect to deactivate your account.

2. The second tab will allow for you to change your password. 3. The third tab is where you can add mobile settings if you would like to use twitter via text.Most smart phones have native app available as well. 4. The fourth tab is called Notifications.This is where you are able to select how often you want to receive email notifications from twitter. 5. Profile is where you can: upload your photo photos should be square to avoid cropping, professional, clear, under 700k edit your name (not your username) add a location add your website info post a short (160 character) bio integrate with facebook 6. Design is where you can: Select a template design Upload your own background image Or select a solid background 7. Finally, you can view any apps that access twitter on the last left-hand tab. (here you can see my new background a soft pink and my new profile image) 8. If you are already following 5+ people, this is the home screen you will see when you click the Home icon. 9. If you click on your home page and you havent found 5 people to follow, you will see this screen.To find someone, you simply search for them in the top center search bar. 10. Here is where my search for katidriscoll took me. 11. I have clicked on the profile I wanted and clicked the follow button.From here I can also: Tweet to the person Add/remove from a list Block Report Adjust my notices 12. In this example, I have elected to add them to a list. Since I dont have any lists, I must create a new one. 13. Create a list name that will help you identify groups of people (ex: design, coworkers, news sites). Select whether or not you wish this to be publicly viewable. 14. Once you have finished your list and saved it, it will ask if you want to add anyone else to your list.You can search for new people or move on by clicking the Home icon at top left. 15. Here you can see your home stream. If you havent posted a tweet, you can use the type box at top left. Tweets from those you follow will appear at the right of the screen. If you are not following 5+ people yet, this stream will appear lower on the screen. 16. If you click on the Tweets box on the home page, you can see all of your tweets. 17. Clicking on Following will show you those you follow on twitter at a glance.You can unfollow by clicking on the follow button. You can tweet @ someone or add them to a list using the person icon. 18. Clicking on your Followers will show you who follows you.In this case, no one is following the new account. Hopefully that will change! 19. Your favorites are tweets that you have marked as such.If you want to add a tweet to your favorites, just hover over the tweet in your stream and add it to your favourites. 20. Your lists can be managed from the Lists view. 21. If you click Connect at the top of the screen youll see interactions with other users such as follows and mentions. 22. If you click on the Mentions tab at top left, you will see specific mentions youve received. 23. Clicking Discover allows you to easily explore trending topics. 24. Turn your attention once more to the person Icon at the top of the screen.Note Direct messages these are private intersystem messages. 25. Clicking on Direct messages took me to the message screen.Here I can click the small arrow at right of the message and respond. 26. As you can see, Direct Messages are limited in characters, too. 27. Now my full conversation appears. 28. Finally, clicking on lists will take me back to the List view as shown earlier. 29. See? Any questions on terms discussed in class or using twitter, please reach out to me via email or on the blog!