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<ul><li> 1. PAGE CONFIDENTIAL Creating A Website Responsive : A How- To Guide 1 July 2, 2014 </li></ul> <p> 2. PAGE CONFIDENTIAL 2 2 Overview Responsive websites are the one that can be viewed in devices of different shapes and sizes without affecting the viewing experience. Responsive websites are favorable for any business since people having different devices can see the website with ease. A few steps for making a website responsive are listed. 3. PAGE CONFIDENTIAL 3 Creating A Website Responsive Understand that responsive design is about priority 4. PAGE CONFIDENTIAL 4 Creating A Website Responsive Research the audience to find out how they view the website 5. PAGE CONFIDENTIAL 5 Creating A Website Responsive Design different layouts for different devices 6. PAGE CONFIDENTIAL 6 Creating A Website Responsive Adjust the layout for the different devices 7. PAGE CONFIDENTIAL 7 Creating A Website Responsive Ensure that media is reasonably-sized 8. PAGE CONFIDENTIAL Creating A Website Responsive 8 Account for different types of interaction 9. PAGE CONFIDENTIAL 9 Conclusion The guide will help you in making a website responsive. Getting a Custom Website Design Company to work on your website will help your website look professional. 10. PAGE CONFIDENTIAL 1 0 Contact Us: ResultFirst 6081 Meridian Avenue, Suite 70 #167, San Jose, CA 95120 Email: Website: Thank You </p>