Creating Engaging Online Experiences with Acquia Search

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<ol><li> 1. Webinar Audio Options Audio will remain quiet untilwe begin at the top of thehour Streaming Audio Appears automatically in pop-up window Or click Communicate : Join AudioBroadcast Remember to unmute your computer No Streaming Audio? Request phone access Technical SupportThank you for joining! US &amp; Canada 866.229.3239 The webinar will begin International Support 408.435.7088 shortly. </li><li> 2. Housekeeping Slides and recording will be posted in next 48hours Submit questions via the Q&amp;A Tab in WebEx,well answer as many as we can Try it now: tell us where you are joining from Hashtags: #acquia #drupal </li><li> 3. Upcoming Webinars Creating Panels Layouts in Code Powering Social Login and Engagement with Janrain and Managing Translation Workflows for Drupal 7 Performance Tips for Site Builders Going from Zero to Sixty in Drupal with Acquia How a Content Delivery Network Can Help Speed UpYour Website </li><li> 4. Acquia is Hiring Do you love working with Drupal? Acquia is hiring in North America and Europe- Engineering- Design- Client Advisors- Inside Sales </li><li> 5. Creating Engaging Online Experiences withAcquia SearchChris PliakasJess IandiorioSolutions Architect, Acquia Search Sr. Director, Product MarketingAcquia AcquiaJuly 30th, 2012 </li><li> 6. Deploy in minutes, improve search forever. </li><li> 7. About Acquia Search Acquia Search is a Drupal-tuned, SaaS version of the open-source enterprise search engine Apache Solr It provides full-text search, including search of rich documents. It provides faceted search and dynamic clustering of results (filter results by date/value/meta-data, see more like this, etc.) Its highly scalable; in use across hundreds of customers including Examiner, Angies List, Economist, Maxim, and Twitter. Acquia Search can be added to any Drupal site in a matter of minutes install a couple of modules, connect to the Acquia Network, and youre ready to go! </li><li> 8. Acquia Search Deploy in minutes 1. Download the Acquia Connector module2. Enable Acquia Connector3. Enable the Acquia Search module4. Run cron to get your data into the index5. Start customizing! </li><li> 9. Acquia Search Relevant Results Start with the basics:Faceted searchesResult sorting andweightingContentrecommendationsMulti-site andattachment searches </li><li> 10. Significant performance improvement </li><li> 11. New Acquia Search FeaturesAdditional new features: Facet API support Create custom searches for specific content types Improved attachment search Full entity support More debug support </li><li> 12. Demonstration </li><li> 13. Acquia NetworkOne singular support service Answers from 50+ expertsFor both Drupal and Infrastructure issues </li><li> 14. Acquia NetworkHelp &amp; How to Articles300+ hours of Drupal training videos And many more resources </li><li> 15. Acquia NetworkIntegrated cloud tools that enhance and extendyour site </li><li> 16. Questions For more information visit Contact us: or 888.9.ACQUIA Follow us: @acquia Comments welcome: Todays webinar recording will be posted to:</li></ol>