Creating Environment Specific Configurations with WSO2 Developer Studio

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  • Environment Specific Artifacts withWSO2 Developer Studio

    Awanthika Senarath

    Software Engineer, WSO2 Inc.

    Rajeeva Uthayasangar

    Software Engineer, WSO2 Inc.

  • OutlinePresentation on : Introduction to WSO2 Developer Studio 4.0.0 Importance of environment specific artifacts Recommended approach develop and maintain environment specific artifacts Deployment model of environment specific artifacts

    Demo On : Creation and Maintenance of environment specific artifacts using WSO2 Developer

    Studio Deploying artifacts

    Q &A

  • WSO2 Developer Studio 4.0.0 Introduction to WSO2 Developer Studio

    Developer Studio has moved into a kernel based architecture from 4.0.0


    What should the users know in migrating to WSO2 Developer Studio 4.0.0

  • WSO2 Developer Studio 4.0.0 What is the new architecture..

    A kernel based architecture to better serve the tooling support for WSO2

    carbon based products.

    What should I know as a Developer Studio user?

    How to Download and configure your own Developer Studio ?

  • Using WSO2 Developer Studio 4.0.0

  • Set up you own Developer StudioDownload Kernel + product plugin

    composite zip (eclipse + kernel + product tooling) Install additional tooling on the go

    Download Kernel + eclipse Install product tooling on the go

    Download Kernel only

    composite zip (eclipse + kernel) Install product tooling on the go

    Existing eclipse instance ?Install kernel / product tool(P2/ download zip and install )

    Install additional tooling on the go

  • Environment Specific Artifacts

    Why do we need environment specific artifacts ?

  • Environment Specific Artifacts Better maintenance and organization of artifacts

    Reduce effort of code repetition for different environments.

  • WSO2 Recommended approach

    Small scale developments - Maven placeholder based artifacts

    Single capp based simple artifacts with one or two endpoint definitions

    Endpoint URLs can be configured during build time

    Large scale developments - Greg based registry artifacts for dynamic content

    multiple capps and multiple endpoints

    with mounted registry (shared) - different resource paths for resources

    with separate registry + ESB instances - same resource path for


  • Large Scale Deployments

    ESB Artifacts

    Greg Artifacts

    Greg Artifacts

    Greg Artifacts

    DEV Endpoint

    PROD Endpoint

    QA Endpoint

  • Deployment

    You have to use shared registry with mounting to facilitate this without duplicating your ESB artifacts.If you use separate registry paths in a shared registry without mounting, you will have to maintain duplicate ESB artifacts.

  • Demoo Sample Use-case

    oWSO2 Developer Studio download and configuration

    oWSO2 ESB Artifact Creation

    oWSO2 Greg Artifact Creation

    oMaintenance of Environment Specific artifacts

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