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A mobile app- Curious Click will be able to recognise brand media- print, outdoor, magazine covers, beer labels, wine labels, posters any kind of media that can be clicked!. Powered by IQ engines it will be able to give a suitable result in seconds. The visual search will be totally customised by our backed system called the Campaign Management System which will allow us to create ideas, content which is finally seen by the user. The CMS will also be able to track all the campaigns and have an in-built analytics.

Text of Curious Click

  • 1. Deals-Promotions-Information all with just a click! Visual-search is the future Yogi Chopra Mobile: 098203 66313 Website: City: Mumbai
  • 2. What is Curious Click? 'Curious Click' (CC) is a mobile app that would, with a simple click of its camera, recognise brands,products, outdoor and print media and in-turn offer users information, offers and promotions There are infinite opportunities with Curious Click
  • 3. Yogi Chopra Founder With more than 11 years experience in New Media industry, Yogi has been an entreprenuer all his life. He is the founder of Curious Click & is the brain behind the idea! Abhinandan Saigal Co-Founder Abhi is the techy behind developing the app. He has built over 40 apps. He is a IOS and Android developer. Shahul Hameed Co-Founder Shahul has worked for the best new media agencies with more than 9 years experience as a designer Shahul is the lead UIX designer for our app. Surely an all-rounder Saurav Suman Lead Developer, CMS Saurav has developed the 'Campaign Management System'. Saurav is currently consulting at Curious Click Mahesh Shetty, Accounts / Admin Mahesh is a multi-faceted personality with a knack for web design and has over 5 years experience as an accountant. His experience is invaluable to a company Avinash Mhetre Designer (Content) With 2 years of experience as a web designer/ graphic designer. Avinash designs all the content that is displayed on our app
  • 4. Problem 1. No information customisation 2. You can only scan QR codes in print media 3. Limited analytics capability 4. No standardization- too many QR code apps No user engagement and innovation opportunities QR Code A competition?
  • 5. Problem 1. Few brands in the mobile space 2. No app that in the market that creates an online engagement with 'offline' content for brands. 3. Existing image matching apps dont have a platform it can offer customers to customise content.
  • 6. Industry {customers} 1.Creating multiple engagement points using just one app. 2.Campaign Management System Answers-> When? Where? How? In-depth analytics & trends 3.We enable immediate Call for Action in existing offline media Market {users} 1.Instant deals, offers and information at a click 2.Enhanced experience 3.Making more sense of coupons and rewards system 4.Social Cloud to check how many are accessing the same brand 5. One-stop app for all brands, competitions, contests Solution
  • 7. We are closing the 'gap' by making a platform called the 'Campaign Management System' (CMS) which will empower our customers to create new ideas around 'visual search'. Adding the 'value' Brands | Products | Organisations | Artists | Retail | Liquor
  • 8. 0 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 3500 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14 Digital AdvertizingExpenditure 2938 2260 1750 FiguresinCrores Percentage growth ~ 30% Which is still 7% of total advertising expenses in india Source: iamai Market Size
  • 9. Source of Revenue Brands (direct) Ad Agencies & Social Media companies Contest engagement Revenue Model One-time sign-up (1year) Service fees per campaign Or Licensing fee (for using the CMS platform) +
  • 10. Competitive Landscape Alive App by Times of India Ocu Tag by Tehelka HT Media app (development stage) Layar App (Augmented Reality) QR codes None of the above apps are actually competitors. The apps are purely enabling a multimedia experience in Publishing. This is also a good trend as it also tells us that users are more ready to experiment with 'visual search' apps
  • 11. Execution Strategy Month 1-3: Development App for Android/iOS Campaign Management System Month 3-6: Customer Acquisition Creating Partnerships Month 6-12: User Acquisition Running Campaigns Month 12-18: New Customer Acquisition FMCG brands Fast Food brands Retail brands [18 months]
  • 12. Funding amount 27L P.M 12 months Notes Co-Founder App Developer 50000 600000 Full-time Senior Developer Platform 30000 360000 Consulting Part-time Founders Salary 35000 420000 Full-time Jr Developer (php,database) 15000 180000 Full-time Sr. Designer- Avinash M (content) 14000 168000 Full-time LTU charges- Technology charge 25000 300000 Fixed Expense PM Co-founder Lead Designer (app) 30000 360000 Full-time Other Overheads 8000 96000 General office overheads 3000 36000 Occupancy cost Nil Nil No monthly rent Junior app developer 15000 180000 Full-time 2700000
  • 13. Milestones 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 25-30 Cr 15-20 Cr 5-8 Cr 1-3 Cr 20-40 L 20,000 Revenue App Users 75,000 2 Lacs 1 million 10 million years
  • 14. Industries we will cover FMCG brands Automobile Banking Insurance Finance Telecom Retail brands Fast food brands Education / Organisations NGOs Airline Liquor Wines/ Beer Publishers (Books & Magazines Events / Trade Shows Businesses IP protection Real Estate Hospitality, Travel
  • 15. We will be really very happy to answer your queries Watch > Curious Click Demo