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  • 1. The Computer and Laptop History This is a timeline about the history of computers and laptops, ENJOY!

2. The mouse The mouse was created and was named the mouse because of the tail coming out the back. -Douglas Engelbart 1964 3. The PDP-8 This is the first minicomputer ever to be made, sold for $18000 each! -Digital Equipment Corp 1965 4. Windows First Windows!! Called Windows! -Microsoft 1975 5. The Pet Commodore PET-(Personal Electronic Transactor). Comes with a built-in keyboard and 4/8 kilobytes of memory. -1977 6. First Laptop The first laptop invented!! -William Moggridge 1979 7. DN100 This desktop computer has more power than some minicomputers for the fraction of the price -1981 8. The Commodore 64 Sold for $595 US dollars, has 64KB of RAM (random accesive memory). Sold more than 22 million units, 2006 World Guiness Record!! -1982 9. The Apple Powerbook Brought Apple to the laptop age! -Apple 1991 10. Windows 95 Microsoft released the Windows 95, much better then Windows. -Microsoft 1995 11. APPLE I-PAD!!!!!!! Apple finally introduces the famous, famous, Apple I-pad 1! -Apple 2010 12. Daniel Shens Laptop Daniels Sony VAIO Windows 8 Red Laptop BECAUSE I HAVE IT!!! -Microsoft 2013 THE EXACT ONE!!! By Daniel Shen