Data recovery service and data recovery tools in New Delhi, India

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  1. 1. Title: Data Recovery Promotion--data recovery services, data recovery New Delhi
    Keywords: data recovery, data recovery services, data recovery tools,
    Description: Data recovery services and data recovery tools in New Delhi, India
    Data recovery services and data recovery tools in New Delhi, India
    Where there is information technology and people using digital storage media, there are data recovery demanding and data recovery services. Yes, the whole world needs data recovery services, India needs data recovery service, New Delhi--the capital of India needs data recovery services.
    New Delhi can be considered to be the data recovery center of data recovery software manufacturers and data recovery services in north India. There are around 5 data recovery software developers in New Delhi such as data doctor, stellar, nucleus, and some of them only provide data recovery software but not providing data recovery services like data doctor/ nucleus. Meanwhile there are about major four data recovery service providers, they are focus forensics technology, HDRC online, data recovery Delhi, computer hub etc.
    From a study of these companies and service scope, what is worth attention is most of them only provides logical level data recovery with data recovery software. And only two of those companies provide professional physical data recovery services, which are Focus forensic technology and HDRC online in New Delhi.
    It is therefore clear that data recovery software dominates India data recovery market because of cheapness and massiveness, while data recovery success rate was/is not and will not be dominated by data recovery software. It was known that data recovery software is mostly able to deal with logical-level digital malfunction data recovery services. But from a survey we can see most of the data recovery cases are physical-level digital storage malfunctions: please refer to figure 01

    The ratio of Logical data recovery cases and physical data recovery cases in a single day figure 01
    Though there is so high demanding for physical data recovery services, the fact is there are only two trustful data recovery service providers covering logical and physical problems in new Delhi, and both companies have equipped with data recovery hardware tools, most of the data recovery tools are from SalvationDATA Technologythe leading data recovery tools manufacturer. Therefore the trend shifting from only logical data recovery services to logical and physical data recovery services are bound to happen for data recovery services industry.
    Then where is the outlet and how to smooth transformation?
    The outlet is to provide comprehensive and customized data recovery services with sound data recovery tools.
    To transform smoothly and successfully, data recovery service providers not only have to feed themselves with more knowledge in data recovery field and the digital storage itself but also need to be equipped with cost-effective data recovery tools.

    Here we recommend a model for reference as one trusted data recovery service provider in New Delhi in India:
    Focus Forensic Technology, which has engaged in forensic data recovery business for more than 10 years, is a forensic data recovery service provider covering digital forensic solution, data recovery, cyber forensic and security, industrial training etc. I Thanks to it skillful experience and established technique team in data recovery industry as well as the professional data recovery tools and technique support from SalvationDATA Technology LLC, it has enjoyed relatively high data recovery success rate and has been an influential forensic data recovery service provider inside and outside India. Meanwhile the reasonable data recovery service charge is another highlight of forensic. (Refer to the data recovery service charge details of Focus Forensic), meanwhile stellar and HDRC data recovery service charge were attached (just for reference).
    Focus Forensics data recovery charge details

    HDRC data recover service charge details
    Stellar data recover service charge details