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  • 1.Differentiation topics

2. Difference quotient for f at x = a 3. If f is differentiable at x = a 4. Then f is continuous at x = a 5. At some point in the interval the instantaneous rate of change equals the average rate of change 6. If f is differentiable at x = a 7. The graph of f has a vertical tangent 8. Critical points of f 9. At the endpoints of the domain Where f does not exist Where f = 0 10. f has a maximum at x = a nd derivative test) (2 11. f has a minimum at x = a nd derivative test) (2 12. What is a point of inflection? 13. A point where the graph of f changes concavity 14. Velocity 15. Speed 16. Acceleration (in terms of velocity) 17. Acceleration (in terms of position) 18. Increasing Speed 19. Velocity and acceleration have the same sign 20. Decreasing Speed 21. Velocity and acceleration have opposite signs 22. An object is at rest when