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Disaster Recovery Pre-recovery process

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With Disaster Recovery technology advancing, this presentation summarises the Pre-recovery process. A hot standby equivalent for a cost comparable to traditional DR methods, Pre-recovery is leading the field in value for money. But how does it work?

Text of Disaster Recovery Pre-recovery process

  • 1. Plan B Disaster Recovery Plc 2014 Disaster Recovery How the Pre-recovery process works

2. Plan B Disaster Recovery Plc 2014 Overview Pre-recovery is the latest innovation in disaster recovery. Your IT system is recovered in advance every 24 hours, just in case you need it. It provides the fastest return to service time of all cloud DR solutions It is only provided by Plan B Disaster Recovery It offers a hot standby equivalent for a price comparable to traditional DR methods 3. Plan B Disaster Recovery Plc 2014 How does it work? Dedicated Plan B Appliance takes snapshot copies of live servers. Incremental data is minimised and encrypted and securely transferred to Plan Bs central systems Incremental snapshot data is combined with existing snapshots to create new updated snapshots for each protected server Updated snapshots are immediately built into working virtual images and configured to operate without error on the Plan B Rescue platform. Plan Bs master system configured to replicate all dependencies and to reproduce secure network connectivity All newly pre-recovered services are automatically booted together and the complete solution tested every night. Any errors are reported for engineer investigation Pre-recovered solutions are ready to be simply booted and can be available in minutes with secure network access setup ready to do work 4. Plan B Disaster Recovery Plc 2014 Pre-recovery learn more recovery 08448 707999 [email protected]

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