Dr. Farnaz Nickpour – Brunel University – Accessible but Exclusive? The paradox of Psycho-Social inclusion

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Lead users are central to our work


Ref: BS7000-6, 2005

Inclusive Bus Travel Assessing accessibility of public buses in Hillingdon


Baby boomers (1946-64)

‘rejection or redefinition of traditional values’

Generation X

Generation Y

Provide a viable bus service that offers a reliable, enjoyable and safe experience for all.

‘Mobility-challenged’ person: Someone whose mobility has been limited due to age, physical or mental impairment, or an external physical condition.

Workshop programme





So far...

Desk research

Routes analysis

Destination survey

Alternative service observation

Bus mentoring day observation


Key People

Key People

Marini the Mummy Marini is 34 and a single mum.

Her little baby, Sandra, is 21 months.

Marini has worked at Boots for the

last 3 years, but is now on leave for a


She loves shopping and usually travels

by bus, either to get her daily shopping

from Tesco, or to meet with a friend

for window-shopping in the big

department store in town.

Rob with his Dog Rob is 45 and has a part-time job in

the town Centre. When he was 10

years old he lost his sight.

Rob lives with his wife Rita and son

John. He plays guitar and goes to gigs

a lot. Rob has a guide dog called Peggy

and likes to be independent.

For Bob, the bus represents freedom,

however sometimes he has difficulties

getting on buses.

Anny the Granny

Anny is nearly 80 and lives alone.

With many friends in the local church,

she enjoys spending time at the lunch

club which she goes to every Tuesday.

She also enjoys visiting her son. Mary

is a fan of Bingo, but sometimes finds

it hard to find a friend to go with,

especially when it’s dark in winter.

Tony the

Ex-Footballer Tony is now 61 and is a former

football player.

He lives with his wife Lorena. Tony has

MS and needs to visit hospital regularly.

For his daily trip to the hospital he

depends on his wife to drive him there,

but his dream is to be able to travel


Tony is a big fan of Leyton Orient.

Jack the Teenage

Jack is fourteen and a great fan of

rock music.

He lives close to school and goes there

on the bus everyday with three of

his friends.

Jack likes going out with his friends and

trying new things. They love to listen

to music on the bus.

Esha the No-Buser

Esha is 76 and retired 8 years ago.

She loves gardening and has an allotment

in which she grows her own vegetables.

Esha does her shopping every week with

the Community Transport minibuses.

Five years ago, she had a fall on the way

to the bus-stop and had to stay in the

hospital for two months with a broken

hip, since then Esha has never gone on

the bus.

Maggie the Singer

Maggie is 25 and lives with her


She goes to a local club and what she

loves the most is painting and singing.

She has recently joined a local Choir

in town and is planning to become a

professional singer. She uses buses to

go to her club and back home.

Oscar the Driver

Oscar is 38 and a full-time driver. He

started his job 11 months ago.

Oscar sometimes works night shifts.

He lives with his wife, Serena and three

kids, 2 step daughters and one son,

who is now 12.

Oscar is a great fan of James Bond

movies and goes to cinema with his

wife every other week.

Ross the Boss

Ross is 51.

His job is to look after the buses and

make sure they provide a good service.

He has a big team to look after and

works hard.

Ross lives with his wife and two

kids and likes going camping every

once in a while.

1 A Bad Day..

2 A Bad Day

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4 A Nice Day..

3 Heroes for Change

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