Driving Marketing Automation Success Across the Enterprise: Revenue Funnel

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  1. 1. 2014 Marketo, Inc. Marketo Proprietary and Confidential. Driving Marketing Automation Success: Revenue Funnel June 26, 2014
  2. 2. Shyna Zhang Enterprise Marketing Sr. Product Marketing Manager Allison Dyer Enterprise Digital Services Solutions & Strategy Consultant Todays Presenters 2014 Marketo, Inc. Marketo Proprietary and Confidential.
  3. 3. A well-defined, carefully measured funnel is one of the most powerful tools that an organization has at its disposal. - Pipeliner CRM Blog - http://blog.pipelinersales.com/ 2014 Marketo, Inc. Marketo Proprietary and Confidential.
  4. 4. Marketing Strategy Assess your organizations sales and marketing strategy, maturity, and overall readiness Cross-Functional Alignment Exercises and workshops designed to align your resources and team roles Sales & Marketing Funnel Evaluating your technology stack and understanding the impact it has on the overall success Measurement & Reporting Determining the key reporting metrics used by your team, determining how to measure future success, and ultimately building the Business Case Enterprise Focus Areas for Success
  5. 5. Marketing Strategy Marketing Maturity Matrix Marketing Strategy Strategic Campaign Roadmap Cross Functional Alignment Education & Best Practices Resources & Team Roles Sales & Marketing Process Definitions Joint Execution Plan Sales & Marketing Funnel Lead Lifecycle Lead and Opportunity Stages SLAs & Alerts Measurement & Reporting Key Performance Indicators Business Case Metrics that Matter Reporting Cadence Enterprise Focus Areas for Success
  6. 6. The Leaky Funnel Syndrome
  7. 7. Most Common Problem Today Traditional Marketing Focus Warm Leads Lead Out Sales Traditional Sales Focus
  8. 8. How can you help me?
  9. 9. Leadership & Key Personnel Marketing Leadership Sales Leadership IT Leadership Business Unit Leadership CMO VP Marketing Digital Marketing Leader Campaign Strategist (Email and Even Social Media Director KPIs/Analytics Leader Technical Marketing Leader CRO VP Sales Sales Ops Manager Sales Director Field Sales Manager Inside Sales Manager CRM Administrator CIO Systems & Technology Director of IT Systems Admin CRM Admin General Manager BU Director Product Marketing Product Management Brand Manager
  10. 10. Defining the Stages: Top of Funnel Awareness to Interest Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) Anonymous Lead Opportunity Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) Internal Sales Accepted (SAL) Closed Won Renewal Loyal Enabling Technology to: Dynamic Zero Moment of Truth Anonymous Lead Marketing Website Personalization Based on Lead Data in CRM Content Auto Discovery Content Recommendations Inbound Marketing Search Engine Optimization Progressive Profiling on Web Forms
  11. 11. Anonymous Lead Opportunity Awareness to Interest Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) Internal Sales Accepted (SAL) Closed Won Renewal Loyal Enabling Technology to: Manage the One to One Conversation Segmentation Filters Workflow Actions Real-Time Triggers Social Applications Dynamic Content Engagement Engine (content marketing) Scalability Defining the Stages: Middle of Funnel
  12. 12. Anonymous Lead Opportunity Awareness to Interest Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) Internal Sales Accepted (SAL) Closed Won Renewal Loyal Enabling Technology to: Integrate with Opportunity Management 100% Native AppExchange App Best Bets, Watch Lists, and Rep Actions Send Trackable Templates from CRM System of Record Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities and Custom Objects Management and Custom Views Defining the Stages: Middle of Funnel
  13. 13. Anonymous Lead Opportunity Awareness to Interest Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) Internal Sales Accepted (SAL) Closed Won Renewal Loyal Enabling Technology to: Build Loyalty Social Widgets Automated Social Follow-up Use Key Performance Indicators Revenue Modeller Single and Multi-Touch Reporting Trend Analysis Drag nDrop Ad-Hoc Reporting Send Trackable Templates from your CRM Defining the Stages: Bottom of Funnel
  14. 14. New Marketing Rule #1
  15. 15. A New View: The Revenue Cycle
  16. 16. Marketing Automation is designed to address the Leaky Funnel. At each stage of the marketing and sales process. Marketing Automation not only assists with generating lift to organizations it enables complete visibility into the prospects and customer journey. How Marketing Automation Transforms this Process
  17. 17. No Lead Left Behind: Service Level Agreements Day 0 Notification Day 1 If untouched, reminder Day 2 If untouched, reminder cc boss Day 3 If untouched, alert executives Day 7 If stale, reminder Day 8 If stale, reminder cc boss Day 9 If stale, alert executives
  18. 18. Addressing Funnel Throughput According to the Current RAD, there are 2,939 organizations in the TAM for the develop bucket. A conservative lift has been applied to each lift generating lever to show Marketing Automation Impact . For Marketing to see a long term positive return, a lift needs to be generated from Marketing Automation. To create this lift, marketing needs the right tools to better track conversions throughout the marketing and sales process, specifically improving overall conversions in early marketing stages and throughout the funnel. o Average Deal Size o Lead Stage Conversion Rates o Touch to Inquiry Percentage o SQL to Close Rate How does this help Marketing impact revenue?
  19. 19. Completed Revenue Funnel Model Once your organization is aligned on a Revenue Funnel Model your functional teams can start thinking in terms of Funnel Campaign Execution. This means development of marketing programs specifically designed to assist at certain stages of the revenue cycle.
  20. 20. Strategic Campaign Roadmap Mapped & Built Out Email, Targeted Marketing Website Form, Video, Whitepaper Landing Page Email w/ Proof Point 1 + Whitepaper Email w/ Proof Point 2 + Calculator Pricing + Sales Stage 7 Campaign Roadmap Program Selected & Launched ThreeProgram Selected & LaunchedTwoProgram Selected & LaunchedOne Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Stage 6 Funnel Stages
  21. 21. Is a consultative, collaborative, & flexible assessment involving Marketo Innovate Consultants + Your Functional Teams Focused on determining sales & marketing strategy, cross functional alignment, sales & marketing funnel, and measurement & reports to deliver strategic recommendations and plans for improvement. INNOVATE is designed to provide you a vision of your marketing automated future that aligns to your business and its strategic business objectives. innovate
  22. 22. The Value of Innovate for your Organization Overall Funnel Management Scoring Service Level Agreements Funnel Strategy Strategic Recommendations and Path to Success Understanding of how your campaigns compare to best practice Defined strategy for marketing initiatives Planning and agreed upon path to success Facilitated workshops Understanding of Business Impact of Marketing Automation Comparative Analysis of your success metrics Complete ROI Case Study
  23. 23. Funnel Management is critical to the success of transformational marketing Engage with Marketo to map your resources, create clear hand-offs between teams, and implement a joint execution plan Takeaways & Q&A Thank you! adyer@marketo.co m szhang@marketo.co m