Drupal distros - Tweaks at eotw

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  • Drupal DistrosHow to get a head start toward that MVP...


  • Open Atrium - for intranets

  • aGov - for Australian Governments

  • OpenPublic - for US Governments

  • OpenRestaurant - yum yum.

  • OpenScholar - for Universities

  • Commerce Kickstart - eCommerce

  • Open Church - for communities

  • AbleOrganizer - engagement platform

  • COD - for organising conferences

  • Panopoly

    Open Atrium Open Academy Open Church OpenCivic Restaurant Web Experience Toolkit Demo Framework MVP Creator PushTape Panopoly Events Distro (sandbox) ASU WebSpark Open Ethical Mesolex Novella - Africa Initiative

  • More about distributions

    Absolute beginners guide to Drupal Distroshttps://www.ostraining.com/blog/drupal/distributions/

    How to install a Drupal Distrohttps://drupalize.me/videos/install-drupal-distro?p=1432

    MOAR DISTROS!!!!https://www.drupal.org/project/project_distribution

  • Where to find themhttp://openatrium.com http://agov.com.au http://openpublic.app http://theopenscholar.org/ http://drupalrestaurant.github.io/ https://commerceguys.com/product/commerce-kickstart http://demo.openchurchsite.com/http://ableorganizer.org/ http://usecod.com/ https://www.drupal.org/project/panopoly