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2. The main purpose of the presentation is to gain much informationcould help people in editing and to shear the general idea aboutit. We decide to choose this topic because it important for peopleto know how to use editing and everyone has to have briefknowledge about it. For example, nowadays many people taketheir photo or their video to the studio to editing them and do it innice way and nice design. Finally, we are Aiming to make peopleuse a professionals image and editing it that because we can usethem in every field in our life. For example in advertisement,commercial, education, and media industries. Even when thesetools not new for the audience but there are less people who dontknow how to use them clearly 3. C o nta c tsImage Video Definition of &Editing tools Different between original &editing Image & VideoEditing tools Who use itImage Positive& Negative & Video Editing tools Some programImage Video in &Editing tools How do you use the Photoshop& Power director Bibliography 4. Definition of editing Image An image editing application that is specialized for managing photos from digital cameras. It is used to crop and touch up photos, as well as organize them into albums and slide shows 5. Definition of editing video Video editing is the process of manipulating and rearranging video shots to create a new work. 6. Different between original &editing Im Original image we can touch that the photo has some errors or lightness and its not show clearly the elemnt of the pohto Editing the image we can touchthe differences in the picture byadd some improvement in thepictures 7. Different between original &editing video Original it didnt include titling, color correction, sound mixing, and you see it as you tike it Editing is usually considered tobe one part of the postproduction process other post-production tasks include titling,color correction,sound mixing, etc 8. Who use itAll people in different age 9. Positive& Negative Image Editing tools Positive o can improving/changing the image and add beautiful o Touch on the image Negativeo some peoples used this programs inbad way. For example, people canInstallation images on others peoplesbody 10. Positive& Negative Video Editing tools Positive o Adds a professional look to the video. o Engaging and entertaining for users. o Makes the video more action andthought provoking, o Adds visual aides to news stories, worldevents, etc. Negative o Can be expensive to produce o Time consuming o Can damage the professional look of a program if not done properly o Requires high performance computers to run videos o Can distract learners 11. Some program in Image Editing tools Photoshop Amazing photo Editor GIMP Photo pos pro photo Editor 12. Some program in Video Editing tools Power Director Movie Maker Coral video studio Preshow producer Xilisoft movie maker AVS video maker 13. How do you use the PhotoshopIf you interested in how do you use the Photoshop and want toshow others your creatively you can follow me and learn how editing your photo . Click Here 14. How do you use the Power director If you interested in how do you use the power director and wantto show others your creatively you can follow me and learn howediting your video .Click Here 15. BibliographyUndrdahl, K. (2005). Adobe Premiere Elements . Canada: Wily publisher.Underdahl, K. (2005). Digital Video For Dummies. Canada: wily publisher.Wavelength Media. (n.d.). What is Video Editing? Retrieved 4 17, 2012,frommediacollege: efinition.htmlBrain, M. (2011, 7 3). howstuffworks. Retrieved 4 10, 2012, from HowVideo Editing Works:, J. ( 2010, May 4). Video editing. Retrieved 4 10, 2012, from Videoediting: 16. T h a n k you, for your time

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