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Short presentation for eLearning Alliance CLD Group. Slides don't contain much information - though links might be useful for those who attended. Again, it's more about how the individual tools are used, as opposed to the tools themselves being 'magic bullets', and many of you may have access to equivalent tools already (e.g. the assessment tools in Moodle).


  • 1. Free Assessment Tools(and how they might be used)Kenji Lamb

2. North Lanarkshire CLDThe priorities are: Achievement through learning for adults Achievement through learning for young people Achievement through building community capacityand are based on a commitment to the following: Empowerment Participation Inclusion, equal opportunity and anti-discrimination Self-determination Partnership 3. So, heres my 3QuizStaronline quiz authoring toolSocrativevoting systemQuandarybranching scenarios 4. QuizStarBackgroundDeveloped originally as free online tool, but switched to a subscriptionmodel, and then to an ad-based model in 2009 (instructor pages/login).Features Class management MCQ, MRQ, T/F and Short Answer (without grading) question types Supports embedded multimedia (images, audio, video) Share quizzes (within QuizStar) Private/Public settings Simple reporting tools (gradebook and email) 5. SocrativeBackgroundFree multi-platform (mobile, desktop/laptop, tablet) voting system. Canbe controlled via a mobile device making it a very portable solution.Features Class management MCQ, T/F and Short Answer question types Simple reporting tools Share quizzes (within Socrative) 6. QuandaryBackgroundFrom the developers of the popular Hot Potatoes quiz software,Quandary is a branching scenario authoring tool. Originally a commercialproduct, it was released a free educational tool in 2009.Features Simple interface Supports embedded multimedia Doesnt require it, but complicated scenarios with additional featurescan be created with some HTML knowledge 7. Take a look at Open BadgesAccredited learningPeerWiseLearners as authorsPoll EverywhereSimple mobile surveys