elearning roadshow London: Mobile and responsive elearning with Adapt

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Marco Faccini, founder of the exciting new Performance Learning Group, shows us what new responsive elearning tool, Adapt, can do and how you can get started with your own mobile learning.


  • 1. Marco FacciniCEO Performance Learning GrpWith support from Learning Pool

2. In the beginning. 3. What are some of those Tools?What are the challenges? 4. The need for a better way Authoring tools expensive and hard to use Companies cant build tools on their own Multiple devices The future is in the cloud Responsive Design 5. AdaptFrameworkStructureOnlineauthoringOpen sourceCollaboration 6. Collaborative approachStrong project visionGreat project managementRegular communicationCommitmentResourcesLots of technologyDeliverablesOpen dialogue 7. Adapt allows users to startlearning on their work computer,finish on their smartphone andrefresh on their tablet. 8. Benefits of AdaptEasy to maintainCost effectiveIntelligent design nFluid designFully accessibleFully trackableDeep scrolling design 9. What does thee-learning look like? 10. Northumberland County CouncilPrivate Fostering 11. Jurys InnBE Exceptional 12. Staffordshire County CouncilMy Performance Conversation 13. City of London 14. https://community.adaptlearning.org/Adapt Learning - v1.1 BETAAdapt Learning - old Adapt demoKineo Israel - Hebrew (Right To Left) version of old Adapt demoCity & Guilds Kineo - Ongoing Safety Training (for The ScoutAssociation)City & Guilds Kineo - 100 months of loving to shareCity & Guilds Kineo - Master Firefox OSDeltaNet - Making Appraisals count 15. Moreprogress 16. Introducing Adapt Origin 17. Adapt Origin 18. Adapt Origin 19. Our vision 20. The Adapt Hack Being held at CultureTech Derry weekof 15th September Bursary/Expenses available http://www.learningpool.com/adapt-learning-comes-culturetech-and-you-could-too 21. Marco Faccini CEO Performance Learning Grp 07456 223324 marco@plg-group.co.uk@marcoable With supportfrom @learningpool