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End of year revision 1st Bachillerato. Correction



2. Dear Sonya,UNIT 1As you know, we (1) ARENT GETTING (not get) any younger. Ioften have trouble remembering things, and even now, I(2) DONT KNOW (not know) where my glasses are so I (3) AMWRITING (write) without them. But all is not lost! Tomorrow I (4)AM GOING (go) to Brain Spa, which is a new fitness gym forthe mind! These brain gyms (5) ARE BECOMING (become)more and more popular nowadays because experts say thattraining the brain (6) IMPROVES (improve) memory, just asphysical exercise (7) MAKES (make) the body strong. I realisethat you (8) DONT USUALLY ENJOY (not usually enjoy) doingpuzzles or computer games, but they say that at Brain Spa thetime (9) PASSES (pass) quickly and its really quite fun.(10) DO you WANT (want) to try it? Perhaps we could gotogether.All the best,Bertha 3. Unit 2NO HUGS ALLOWED(1) DO you FEEL (feel) that the rules at your school are too strict? Well, ShephardJunior High School in Arizona, USA has got rules that are probably stricter. Onewarm spring day last March, 14-year-old Shephard student Chelsea Braham(2) WAS GIVING (give) her best friend a big hug when suddenly another friend (3)TAPPED (tap) her on the shoulder. Be careful, she said. The teacher (4) ISWATCHING (watch) you! But it was too late. The teacher (5) SENT (send) Chelseato the principals office. Her crime? She (6) HAD HUGGED (hug) her friend for toolong, breaking a new school rule: hugging in the school for more than two secondswas forbidden.The following day, 100 students (7) HELD (hold) a protest across the street from theschool. The entire group (8) HUGGED (hug) each other for 20 minutes. Chelsea,who was one of them, had her mothers full support. While Chelseas mother (9)WAS WATCHING (watch) her daughter she remarked, She (10) TOOK (take) astand and Im standing behind her. 4. Unit 3DANGER: DRINKING WATERInvestigators (1) HAVE RECENTLY FOUND (recently find) medicines inthe drinking water of all 50 states of the United States. Earlier this year,they (2) EXAMINED (examine) samples of water from all over thecountry. While they (3) WERE WORKING (work), they began to realisethat the situation was very serious. The results showed that therewere small amounts of drugs in all the samples they (4) HAD TAKEN(take) painkillers, antibiotics, hormones and medicines for epilepsy,to name a few. The problem is that the water many people (5) DRINK(drink) comes from rivers or lakes that (6) ARENT (not be) pure. Thewater is cleaned, but this (7) DOESNT REMOVE (not remove) allbacteria or drugs. At the present time, researchers (8) DONTUNDERSTAND (not understand) the dangers of many years of exposureto low levels of medicines, but they (9) HAVE ALREADY DONE (alreadydo) experiments on animals which suggest serious effects. So, anyonein the United States who (10) IS NOW DRINKING(now drink) a glass ofcold water from the tap should think twice. They may want to put itdown and buy some mineral water instead! 5. Unit 4The city of London (1) IS PLANNING (plan) an amazing new attractionOn the Thames River an artificial beach with promenades, palm treesand 2-metre-high waves for surfers. The beach (2) WILL COST (cost)20 million to build. Planners (3) HAVE ALREADY RECEIVED (alreadyreceive) permission to begin, and by the end of 2011, they (4) WILLHAVE COMPLETED (complete) this enormous project. Some surfersfeel that surfing on the Thames River (5) WONT BE (not be) as excitingas on the open sea. However, Steve Jones, the projects creator, (6)BELIEVES (believe) that thousands of London surfers (7) WILL USE(use) the beach, since the nearest real beach is hours away. One fan ofthe idea said, The last time I wanted to surf, I (8) DROVE (drive) forfive hours from London to Cornwall only to find that the wind (9) HADCHANGED (change) direction and there were no waves. When thisproject is finished, dont look for me at home after work I (10) WILLBE SURFING(surf) on the Thames River! 6. UNIT 51. A: Why did Kevin go home? B: (to get / go / his chemistry notebook / forget / he)He WENT HOME TO GET HIS CHEMISTRY NOTEBOOK, WHICH HE HAD FORGOTTEN.2. A: Are you going to the library after school?B: (borrow / not finish / the book / last week)No, I HAVENT FINISHED THE BOOK (WHICH/THAT) I BORROWED LAST WEEK.3. A: Would you like to meet next Monday? B: (to London / the day / I / fly)No, I cant. Next Monday IS THE DAY (WHEN/THAT) I AM FLYING TO LONDON 7. 4. A: Who is that person?B:(bark / while / dog / sleep / we)Thats the neighbour WHOSE DOG WAS BARKING WHILE WE WERE SLEEPING.5. A: Will she ever move to a different house?B:(in the house / she / grow up / still live)Oh, no! Ten years from now, she WILL STILL BE LIVING IN THE HOUSE WHERE SHE GREW UP.6. A: Could you please help me move these boxes?B:(the boxes / you / already pack / move)OK. I WILL MOVE THE BOXES (WHICH/THAT) YOU HAVE ALREADY PACKED. 8. 7. A: Is Dr Sloan a good dentist?B:(I / be / trust / the only dentist)Yes. He IS THE ONLY DENTIST (WHO/THAT) I TRUST.8. A: Is this letter for you?B:(study / next year / from London College)Yes. Its A LETTER FROM LONDON COLLEGE, WHERE I WILL STUDY NEXT YEAR.9. A: Where did Larry take you?B:(the park / as a child / play / show us / he)He SHOWED US THE PARK WHERE HE PLAYED AS A CHILD. 9. 10. A: Could you introduce us?B:(with me / Paul / work / wife)Of course! This is PAUL, WHOSE WIFE WORKSWITH ME. 10. UNIT 61. Im sure you worked very hard cleaning the house.(must)You must have worked very hard cleaning the house.2. She became ill during the flight to Greece. (while)She became ill while she was flying to Greece. 3. The game we plan to watch starts at 9.00. (at 9.30)We will be watching the game at 9.30. 4. Im sorry I went to that boring party. (shouldnt)I shouldnt have gone to that boring party.5. Ill never forget that day. We first met then. (when)Ill never forget the day when we first met. 11. 6. I waited patiently for 20 minutes. Then I began to get angry. (after)I began to get angry after I had waited for 20 minutes..7. We are finishing our studies this year. (by the end of the year)We will have finished our studies by the end of the year.8. The last time I was abroad was in 2002. (since)I havent been abroad since 2002.9. This shop will open next week. It will sell bread.(which)This shop, which will sell bread, will open next week.10. Perhaps Susan is too busy to talk to us now. (might)Susan might be too busy to speak to us now.Susan might not talk to us now. 12. Unit 71. My mother was angry because I was late. (if) My mother wouldnt have been angry if I hadnt been late.2. I cant do this if you dont help me. (unless) I cant do this unless you help me.3. Maybe they missed the train. (might) They might have missed the train.4. I plan to study law when Im older. (going) I am going to study law when Im older5. Is it possible to speak to the headmistress? (may) May I speak to the headmistress? 13. 6. I havent eaten pizza in six months. (the last time)I ate pizza for the last time six months ago.The last time I ate pizza was six months ago.7. Brian looks happy. I guess he got a new job. (must)Brian looks happy. He must have got a new job.8. My phone isnt working, so I cant call you. (if)If my phone worked, I could call you.I could call you if my phone worked.9. This is my mother. You were admiring her paintings. (whose)This is my mother whose paintings you were admiring.10. I dont know him, so I wont ask him to dance. (if)If I knew him, I would ask him to dance.I would ask him to dance if I knew him 14. UNIT 81. They havent changed the prices here for at least five years. (been)The prices havent been changed here for the last five years.2. I didnt enjoy the trip because it was so cold. (if)I would have enjoyed the trip if it hadnt been so cold3. Do they make these shoes in China? (made)Are these shoes made in China?4. Thats the teacher. I told you about him. (who)Thats the teacher who I told you about.5. Security men were guarding the Prime Minister as he spoke. (was)The Prime Minister was being guarded by security men as he spoke. 15. 6. Our new kitchen is being put in next week. (having)We are having our new kitchen put in next week.7. Im not coming because I havent got anything towear. (if)If I had anything to wear, I would come.8. Did someone cut your hair? (get)Did you have your hair cut?9. The washing-up must be finished by nine oclock.(you)You must finish the washing up by 9 oclock.10. If you take the medicine, you will get better. (unless)You wont get better unless you take the medicine.


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