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Engage 2013 - Designing a cx dashboard

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Using customer insights and business intelligence to measure the health of the customer experience you are providing.

Text of Engage 2013 - Designing a cx dashboard

  • 1. Designing a Customer Experience Dashboard Megan Caauwe Consultant, Business Intelligence Jen Eckert Director, Strategic Consulting
  • 2. Agenda What is Customer Experience? Customer Experience Journey Identifying Key Metrics Monitoring Web Presence Why is it important? Dashboard Design Guidelines Getting Started Sample Dashboard Scenario Q&A
  • 3. What is Customer Experience? Customer Experience is NOT just measurements of single interactions NOT just a purely contact center initiative NOT just Customer Satisfaction NOT just Service Level or Average Handle Time It a collection of experiences and perceptions throughout the customer journey. Defining Customer Experience
  • 4. Monitoring Web Presence The Adventures of Hanover Bear
  • 5. What is Customer Experience? Discover Referrals Research Word of Mouth Direct Marketing Advertisement Evaluate Research Read Reviews Seek Feedback Trials Buy Order Online Purchase In Store Phone Order Make Payment Access Check Order Status Receive Product via Delivery Pick up Product Receive Service Download from Internet Use Installation Troubleshooting Training Reporting Issues Maintain Upgrades Warranty Replacement Parts Six Phases of the Customer Journey Most Customers Dont Have a Need to Interact with your Contact Center Until Here AND, often it is because something is WRONG!!!
  • 6. What is Customer Experience? First Contact Resolution (FCR) Net Promoter Score (NPS) Voice of the Customer (VOC) Customer Effort Score (CES) ANI Data Claim Rates CRM Data Defect Rates Return Rates Speech Analytics Surveys Web/Social Media Monitoring Wrap-up Codes Common Key Metrics
  • 7. In Session Question Are you currently tracking any Customer Experience metrics? Yes No, but starting to think about it No, and havent even thought about it View Results
  • 8. Monitoring Web Presence Why is it important?
  • 9. Monitoring Web Presence Every Minute every tweet tells a story. - Brooks Thomas Chief Social Media Guru, Southwest Airlines Hours of YouTube videos uploaded100 Million Pieces of content posted on Facebook1.7 Months of YouTube videos watched on Facebook4.4 Thousand Tweets278 YouTube Links tweeted700
  • 10. In Session Question Are you consistently monitoring your social media presence? Yes No, but starting to think about it No, and havent even thought about it View Results
  • 11. Dashboard Design Guidelines Term originates from the ability to glean important information from a mere at your cars dashboard. In business, it is about and communication of information relevant to a particular business objective/process. What is a dashboard? Every dashboard is . What works for one business may not work for another.
  • 12. Dashboard Design Guidelines What WhyWho When Watching long-term goals Wants summarized information / KPIs Reviews reports/dashboards on a Semiannual/Quarterly basis Upper Management Watching short-term goals Wants a combination of detailed and summarized information Reviews reports/dashboards on a Monthly/Weekly basis Middle Management Watching operational goals Wants detailed operational reporting Reviews reports on a Daily/Hourly basis Line Managers Identifying Key Metrics
  • 13. Dashboard Design Guidelines Where is the data? How easily can one connect to retrieve updates? How clean is the data? Social media data is a common example where some cleanup may be needed. What does the root system data mean in relation to the identified key metrics? Tool to Model the following Sample Scenario: Power BI within Microsoft Excel Starting a Dashboard Mock-up
  • 14. Sample Dashboard Scenario Demo using Power View within Microsoft Excel
  • 15. Sample Dashboard Scenario Demo using Power View within Microsoft Excel
  • 16. Whats Next? Have you taken time to truly understand the journey your customers take? What kinds of information do you already have which might help you understand that customer journey? What does that information really mean, beneath its face value? How do you represent that data so it is truly relevant to your customer experience strategy? Questions to Consider Social Media Presence Results Customer Experience Results

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