Engaging Mobile Customers for Better Ratings and Reviews on Mobile Apps

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Xtreme Labs works with the worlds leading companies to plan and execute their mobile strategy. We have a proven track record of success in delivering innovative solutions across hundreds of global products. As experts in mobile agile development, the best and most successful companies trust Xtreme Labs with critical pieces of their mobile strategy. More: Since being founded in 2007, Xtreme Labs has been recognized by many publications, newscasts, web videos and conferences across the globe for their innovation and achievement in the mobile industry. CBC, Advantage, TechCrunch, The Globe and Mail, City TV and many more news sources have turned to Xtreme Labs for our leadership in mobile strategy and product development as well as our opinion and commentary on the mobile landscape. All aspects of our projects are handled in-house with our award winning business, design, development and QA teams - from discovery to delivery, submission and support. Further, teams of our staff are always working on innovation projects, and we develop our own tools to be used in house such as XL Magic, a mobile web platform that allows mobile web content to be delivered and available across all platforms and mobile web browsers. Our clients are some of the most trusted and high-profile in the world. Clients include The Globe and Mail, Air Miles, Groupon, CIBC, Metro News, MTV Mobile, Reuters, Urbanspoon and over 200 more. Our partners range from Apple, Google, Android, Microsoft, RIM, Pivotal Labs, Urban Airship and many more.


  • 1. Engaging Mobile Customers for Better Ratings andReviews on Mobile AppsMobile Application developers want great ratings in the app store because they areinterpreted as an indicator of quality. Data from a report titled Examining the Relationshipbetween Reviews and Sales by researchers form NYU and the Georgia Institute ofTechnology suggests that this is of particular value for things that are difficult for mobileconsumers to evaluate prior to purchase, such as books, movies, and apps. The higher therating of a mobile application, the more likely you are to pique the interest of potentialcustomers.It is natural then to ask, How can we get better ratings for our custom mobileapplication? and, How do we get better reviews? But those are the wrong questions.Instead, the questions you should ask are:1. How do we create a great experience so people will love our iphone mobile app?2. How can we engage with our customers, so the ones who love our android mobile application or blackberry application will write a review?Its not about you: its about the customersThe ratings and reviews in the app store are not for you, the iphone app developer. Theyare for your customers. Ratings and reviews can help you identify what customers like ordislike about your iphone application, but their primary purpose is to act as guidepostssaying, This will make your life better, or warning, Danger, thar be dragons.An e-mail to all your customers asking them to rate your iphone app, android app,blackberry app, windows mobile app or code in your app to ask for a rating after a certainnumbers of uses are both legitimate techniques for soliciting feedback, but they put thefocus on you, the developer, not on the customer. As we like to say, If youre trying to getratings just to get more ratings, youre doing it wrong. Nothing about these techniquesmakes life better for your customers. The key to better reviews is to identify the customerswho love your app, and encouraging them to talk about it. And one way to do that is toengage with your customers.Listening and actingCustomers today have a different set of expectations. Simply being able to fill out aContact Us form and have your question disappear into the ether is not enough. In thesedays of instant downloads, 24-hour service hotlines, customers expect to be heard whenthey speak up. You need to provide an easy way for customers to give feedback, you needto listen, and you need to respond.

2. Listening is important because your custom mobile app might make sense to you, but itdoesnt always make sense to your customers. In a recent blog post, Seth Godin suggeststhat the biggest customer question is, Why isnt this as important to you as it is to me?Find out what your customers expect, what is confusing, and identify what you can workon. Listening sends two powerful messages. First, you are telling your customers that youcare enough about their opinion to give them the tools to express it in a quick and easymanner. Second, you are telling your customers that you trust them enough to give youreal and honest feedback on your application.Responding is also important. For positive comments, taking the time to say Thank you,tells your customers that there are real people behind the app. Negative feedback providesan opportunity to make your product better. Acknowledge the users frustration, diffuse thetension, apologize, and if feasible, make it right. Fix that bug. Show that you care aboutcreating a great experience for all of your customers. Give them reasons to stick around, totrust you, to understand why your app works the way that it does.Get more reviewsA quick search of the app developer discussion boards will show that the ratio of appdownloads to app reviews varies greatly, with the numbers ranging from one in onehundred to one in five hundred. When you listen to feedback and respond, good things canhappen: more feedback, better ratings, more honest input, and a significant number ofcustomer relationships that are spawned through simple conversation. And you will knowwhich users are engaged with your app.Research at George Washington University and University of Texas Austin suggests that thenumber of reviews also matter. More reviews encourage more sales. There might be manyusers out there who love your app, who arent necessarily thinking, I need to go write areview. So ask them to.In the end, you will have better ratings and more positive reviews. What is more important,though, is that you have created a connection with your customers. By asking for feedback,by listening, by responding, and by encouraging them to rate your app, you will haverelationships with engaged customers who love your product and who want to talk about it.About Xtreme Labs:Located in Toronto, Palo Alto, and New York City, Xtreme Labs is a leading mobile productdevelopment company that deals in iphone app development, android applicationdevelopment, blackberry applications development, custom application development, iosapp development, ipad application development, windows mobile development and mobileapplication development. They have a proven track record of success in deliveringinnovative solutions across hundreds of global products. As experts in mobile agiledevelopment, Xtreme Labs works with the worlds leading companies to plan and executetheir mobile strategy.For more information visit http://www.xtremelabs.comKeywords: 3. get better ratings, mobile app ratings, mobile app reviews, better app reviews, better appratings, custom mobile apps, iphone app ratings, android app ratings, blackberry appratings, windows app ratings