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EnGenius Network Management Software Introduction

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  • 1. Network Management Software Tool

2. Agenda

  • Introduction to NMS
  • EnGenius NMS Features
  • EnGenius NMS GUI Presentation

3. Introduction Network Management Software 4. Introduction Why NMS? In order to enhance the real-time functionality of a network, applying the best network management software tool is necessary. The concept is simple and obvious, with aggressive network management tool you could do monitoring, controlling, deploying and allocating of data that are being transmitted to different units/systems in a network. This application ensures the entire network will normally run without troubles, glitches and interruptions. EnGenius NMS Tool With geographical boundaries becoming immaterial in business management, EnGenius network management software tool provides enough, effective and practical functions for network administrator. If youre someone who is trying to meet with the growing demand of performance related results from service providers or someone involved in a small-scale enterprise, you must provide a huge platform to make it successful, then EnGenius is your best choice ! 5. EnGenius NMS Features 6. EnGenius NMS Features S/N Key Feature List Description 1 SNMP v1, v2c Compliance 2 Network Monitoring Simple configuration and discover the active SNMP device around the network. Repeat the discovery process in a pre-defind time interval to keep track of the status of the nodes 3 User Administration Allow super level user to create lower level user to perform monitoring job only 4 Block List Block certain node from being monitored 5 Import Map Image file imported by user and as a map. Map is zoomable, and its tranparency level is configurable 6 Map Scaling Set actual scale on the map, which will be use for radio coverage plotting 7 Radio Coverage Plotting Base on some assumption along with the transmission power, plots the radio coverage area. The assumption variables are configurable 8 Labelling Can display the unit on the map with MAC, IP or user-defined alias 9 System Log 10 Map Profile User can save the running map's setting as a profile and apply it to another new Map or NMS 11 AP Stats Read and save the up/download bytes data into database and can be loaded in graph form 7. EnGenius NMS Features S/N Key Feature List Description 12 AP Stats (Old Record) The old data can be retrieve by select the desired date 13 Tabulated AP Unit The discovered AP unit will be display in a sortable table form 14 Reboot AP Unit Only on recognized unit 15 Search and Locate perform search and locate unit in the AP table 16 Firmware Upgrade Only on recognized unit 17 Tabulated Associated User to The AP Unit The users that associated to any discovered AP unit will be display in a sortable table form 18 Block / Unblock User Move user to the MAC filter list of the recognized unit 19 Bulk Configuration Able to perform configurations to multiple node (must be same model). Only several selected parameters are configurable 20 View Properties Load selected unit properties data (general info, radio and users) 21 Configuration Tools Perform configuration on selected node (Only applicable to recognized model, and only selected parameter) 22 Launch Web GUI Configuration Page Launch the web config page for more advanced settings 8. EnGenius NMS GUIPresentation 9. NMS GUI Presentation After install EnGenius NMS tool, user could login via account and password ( Below is the login page ) 10. Main Page includes all functional buttonsMain Function : MAP, STATS, DEVICE, USER Administration Setting Advanced Function :LABELS, DETAILS, COVERAGE, SCALING, LEGEND Real-Time Unit List & System log NMS GUI Presentation 11. Main Function> MAP: User can use sub-functional buttons to show the wireless environment and scenario Sub-functional buttons NMS GUI Presentation 12. Main Function> STATS: shows units information, includes Upload, Download, Clients and so on. User can select a device fromAP Listto read statistic NMS GUI Presentation 13. Main Function> DEVICE: shows information of all units in a network, includes IP address, Model name, Operation Mode, Status, quantity of Client, Channel etc. NMS GUI Presentation 14. Advanced Function> DETAILS: shows information of all units in MAP window, includes MAC address, Model name, Firmware version, Country, quantity of client etc. NMS GUI Presentation 15. Advanced Function> COVERAGE: user can define the scale and coverage, then it will shows coverage of each unit in MAP.NMS GUI Presentation 16. Advanced Function> LEGEND: shows the definition of all iconsNMS GUI Presentation 17. Administration Setting >Admin :User can specify User Name and Password inAdminsection NMS GUI Presentation 18. Administration Setting >Scan :User configures SNMP setting and Broadcast Setting inScansection NMS GUI Presentation 19. NMS GUI Presentation Administration Setting >Block List :User can decide unit to allowed list or block list inBlock Listsection.( Default is all units are in allowed list ) 20. EnGenius NMS provides network administrator a best managed solution to manage EnGenius SMB products, include ENH, EAP and ECB series,in real-time monitoring.Conclusion Best Wireless Solution Provider 21. Contact Information No.500, Fusing 3rdRd., Hwa-Ya Technology Park Kuei-Shan Hsiang, Taoyuan +886-3-3289289 +886-3-3961112 www.engeniusnetworks.comAddress Tel Fax Website Senao Networks, Inc.