Enterprise IT Cloud for Higher Education

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  • Enterprise IT Cloud for Higher EducationPower Institution Wide IT Transformation

    SummaryIt is an exciting time for higher education and research institutions. Disruptive forces transforming learning environments include growing populations of tech-savvy students and faculty that bring their own de-vices, new online education models like massive open online courses (MOOCs) and flipped classrooms, new content publishing models, and increasing pressure to make education more accessible and afford-able. And IT is at the center of it all.

    Integrated Solutions Management partners with ServiceNow to enable IT to spend less time managing the infrastructure and more time deliv-ering business services that improve the student experience, facilitate research initiatives and reduce costs.

    Benefits Replace department silos and ad-hoc and inconsistent processes

    with a single system of record for IT Deliver an intuitive, approachable and consumer-like service expe-

    rience for all students, faculty, operations staff, alumni and campus visitors

    Reduce overhead and dependency on student-based IT staff by replacing manual, error-prone tasks with lights-out, zero-touch au-tomation

    Increase IT accessibility, transparency, and visibility with an intuitive service catalog and self-service portal

    Improve service delivery for IT and other functions such as facilities, campus security, academic support, and financial aid by leveraging ITIL-based processes that can be rapidly modified for specific insti-tution needs without high-cost consultants or programmers

    Related Products andSolutionsIT Service AutomationTransform IT by automating and managing IT services across the global enterprise.

    IT Operations ManagementDisintermediate service pro-cesses with lights-out, ze-ro-touch automation.

    IT GovernanceSimplify IT governance, risk and compliance by automating data collection and evidence gathering.

    IT Business ManagementAccess complete visibility into service costs and budget fore-casting, projects, resources and service levels.

    Service Integration and Man-agementOptimize external service provider relationships and in-crease accountability

    Enterprise Service Manage-mentRapidly evolve the IT service model to automate and man-age enterprise services


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