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  • 1. Evaluation
    • Victoria Webb
    Media - Music Video
  • 2. Question 2: How effective is the combination of your main products and ancillary texts?
    • What is a brand?
    • A brand can be defined as a word, symbol, term, design or slogan, it is used to identify a sellers good or service, so they stand out from other sellers. One of the main reasons of how certain products are successful is their clever technique applied to their brand image which helps create a strong enduring relationship with consumers across the cultures around the world.
    • Examples of well known brands are:
  • 3. real media examples of a brand image A brand image is crucial and is common in the music industry in order to have success for an artist and their products. A brand image is created to form a relationship between the artist and the target audience and also to attract unfamiliar audiences. One of the artists we researched was Adele. The soul singers brand image connotes to the audience that she is a strong, independent woman, who isnt like our modern day female artist, but who seems very normal and quite serious. This is shown through her mise-en-scene and her very emotional songs from her two hit albums. Adeles sophisticated personality links in well with her album artwork and titles. Adeles most recent album 21, connotes to target audiences that the contents of the album is following a serious and possibly sad theme. You can tell this, by the brightness and contrast of the front cover as well as the artists facial expressions. The black and white effect adds to the seriousness of the artist as well as her sophisticated personality. This is also shown through the fonts used, which is simple yet effective.
  • 4. real media examples of a brand image The black and white effect has been carried through to her music videos. Someone like you is a soulful and touching song, relating to love. The song is somewhat sad, as the lyrics convey that the artist has had relationships which has ended. This creates a solemn and sedate mood, which is also connoted through facial expressions and body language also used though the close-up shot of her on the album cover. Many artists use this tactic of linking their media products with their promotional products to avoid confusion for their target audience.
  • 5. What is your brand image? After researching brand images for female pop artists, we discovered that a large proportion of them have a cool, fun, sexy and young brand image. This is conveyed through bright colours, revealing and/or direct photography. We felt that in order for our artist to be successful, we should build up her brand image to be young, fun, sexy and active so that it appeals to a wider audience. Examples of the artists we got inspiration from are: Katy Perry, Christina Aguilera and Pixie Lott. All of whom are popular and successful pop artists.
  • 6. Our brand image For our video, we decided to tackle an alternate approach to how our artist is presented. The theme of the male and female look came about after watching Mariah Carey and Ciaras videos, where they dressed as boys. This inspired us to do the same, as it is unusual and can create publicity for the artist as it is a recognisabe aspect of the video for the target audience. We carried the boy/girl theme though-out our video through to our ancillary products. This is important as part of branding, as it shows the link between the artist and the artists products.
  • 7. Our brand image Through-out our album artwork we kept a consistent theme of blue and pink colours to relate back to the boy and girl theme in the music video this also makes our product more fun for audiences and people can relate the pink and blue colours to the video and our artist. Another key aspect which is common in promotional products, is the font. This links the album to the adverts so that our target audience can relate to them and avoid confusion with other consumers. signature name - recognisable, and connotes a fun, young and modern image.
  • 8. Our brand image As part of our research and planning, we referred back to Pixie Lott several times. Our brand image is very similar to Pixies and in her new album it seems to challenge her image. Her new look is very sophisticated and grown up, unlike in her other music videos and album covers where she looked younger and more fun. Her image is conveyed through her album cover and advert as she has a more serious look. However, I think the album name contradicts this as the title conveys a fun and positive theme. It is important that the promotional products have a connection with the other media products in order to form a link between them. We had chosen to follow this convention in our media products.
  • 9. Our brand image Mise-en-scene Throughout the music video and promotional photos we have used the same dress code. Pink frilly jumpsuits, black short dresses, and black blazers were worn. A variety of outfits were worn, as this is a common thing within all music videos to make them more interesting and fun. For the male theme, we had our dancers and protagonist dressed in darker clothing, leggings, a shirt, pumps and a blazer. For the female theme, we had them dressed up wearing dresses. The mise-en-scene used creates a fun and outgoing atmosphere, which is interesting adds an alternate view to the music video. The lighting throughout the video is quite bright, not only does this keep the audience interested in watching our video, but it also helps maintain the fun factors of our product and creating a vibrant glow for our artist.
  • 10. Our brand image Cinematography Cinematography
  • 11. Our brand image Editing Editing The pacing of the video is fast paced. This matches the beat of the music which is typical for most pop music videos. The fast pacing helps keep a constant rhythm making the video more appealing to audiences. With having the video more fast paced, it allowed us to experiment more with the types and amounts of shots used, for example, at the beginning of the song, we split the screen into four, and had them appearing and disappearing in time to the beat. Not only does it make the video more interesting, but is a rememberable aspect in the video for audiences, which means they are likely to enjoy that part of the video more than others, encouraging them to watch it more than just a couple of times.
  • 12. Green Screen The whole music video has been shot using the green screen. The backgrounds used have been created by us, continuing to use the pink and blue colours. We have carried the backgrounds through to the ancillary tasks, this is so they are all linked, as well as following the typical conventions of music products. By having our video shot in the studio, it meant that we could experiment more on backgrounds, to add detail to the video. This is also a typical convention in pop music videos, as it allows producers to create something with more variety of colours and effects.