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Evaluation Preliminary Task

Evaluation Preliminary TaskHafsah Zaman 12.6What have I learnt about new technology from the process of making my film?Throughout the making of our preliminary task I learnt a lot about new technology thatI have never used before. For example the editing software called Adobe Premierwe used I had never used before and by using it to edit our preliminary taskI was able to gain a range of skills about a software that is new to me. So I was able to use it to the best of my ability to make sure the task was edited correctly and it was continuous. Most of the editing was done within the camera, however there were some parts that were repeated within the footage and they needed to be cut out to make sure it was not repetitive. I learnt how to cut out scenes within the footage so the whole film looked continuous as it said in the brief that the film had to be continuous. Also, the camera that we used to film our preliminary task on, I learned about new camera angles that could be used to film our preliminary task. I used a range of different angles to make the film look professional and legit.

StrengthsThe film was continuous therefore it met the briefThe acting within the film was believable this made the film seem believable too.We used a range of different camera angles within the filmWe met the criteria of what had to be included within our preliminary task

WeaknessesI looked at the camera at one point within the film, this could have been avoided.We did not take mise en scene into consideration when making our film as the film was about an interview taking place because of a murder. We filmed in a classroom which wasnt the correct setting.There was a bit of background noise which also could have been avoided if we filmed in a quieter place