Exploration of best iPhone apps

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<ol><li> 1. Hurry Get these Free iPhone Apps Today(Limited time - posted 11/11/14)1. Manual Photo Camera - Gives you DSLR-like controls with anintuitive interface.2. Insta360 - gives you everythings you love doing with Instagram but inredesign touches.3. Lockminder - the easiest andmost effective way to remindyourself.4. Clone Magic - make a photowhere many of you appear.5. Reverser - quickly and easilymake hilarious backward videos.6. Walking Dead: The Game / Season 2 - the sequel to 2012s Game ofthe Year continues7. Werds - the fastest, easiest and best way to add text, quotes andphrases to your photos.8. Benjamin Afterburner HD - experience Real-Time HD TransformableModern Jet Aircraft with 3 upgradeable HD jets along with 18 uniqueHD weapons and after-burner upgrades.Click here for more details. </li></ol>