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Facebook Parse- What it is All About?

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Text of Facebook Parse- What it is All About?

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A never-thought-before overview

When to use?When Not to Use?

[email protected] Free : +1-877-284-1028When to USE Facebook [email protected] Free : +1-877-284-1028When to use Facebook Parse?For creating intuitive and beautiful apps Application developers just do not have to worry for server maintenance and complex infrastructure. They just have to focus on creating a great user experience. Facebook application developers can instantly add powerful core, push notifications, data storage and analytics using Parse SDKs. Parse offers SDK for everyone

FacebookParseWorry about nothing else &[email protected] Free : +1-877-284-1028FacebookParseWhen to use Facebook Parse?For Powerful user management of your app:

Facebook Parse takes care of linking accounts across networks, resetting passwords and therefore keeping everything safe and secure. You just need a few lines of code to connect with your users.

[email protected] Free : +1-877-284-1028FacebookParseWhen to use Facebook Parse?Based on its applicability, Parse is available in various [email protected] Free : +1-877-284-1028FacebookParseWhen to use Facebook Parse?Push [email protected] Free : +1-877-284-1028FacebookParseWhen to use Facebook Parse?1 Better engagement: It gives you accessibility and freedom of improving engagement with your Facebook users.

Keep your users happy with innovative and creative user-engaging application updates and promotions.Push Parse

[email protected] Free : +1-877-284-1028FacebookParseWhen to use Facebook Parse?2 A simple solution for your complex problem:

It simplifies the processEnables powerful targeting for iOS, Android and Windows. Application developers can send notifications using REST API, web console or client SDKs.Push Parse

[email protected] Free : +1-877-284-1028FacebookParseWhen to use Facebook Parse?3 Powerful handling of huge data:

Push Parse allows sending millions of notifications to millions of devices across the world. Therefore, Push Parse handles substantial data using powerful infrastructure.Push Parse

[email protected] Free : +1-877-284-1028FacebookParseWhen to use Facebook Parse?Push ParsePush Console: Send notifications directly from Parse interface using Push Console, using Push Composer.

Target Your Customers: Target your audience based on user age, location, language etc.

[email protected] Free : +1-877-284-1028FacebookParse

When to use Facebook Parse?

[email protected] Free : +1-877-284-1028FacebookParseWhen to use Facebook Parse?Data saving on using cloud: Store data securely and efficiently Stay Social: And that too securelyLocal Data store: Even if you do not have network connection, Parse Local Data store allows you to use all querying and security features of Parse.

[email protected] Free : +1-877-284-1028FacebookParseWhen to use Facebook Parse?

Hassle free dynamic web presence:Intuitive Dashboard:Built for massive scale

[email protected] Free : +1-877-284-1028FacebookParse

When to use Facebook Parse?

[email protected] Free : +1-877-284-1028FacebookParseWhen to use Facebook Parse?Growth Analytics: Track the growth of your application.

Powerful Dashboard: User friendly Parse dashboard which gives detailed custom.

[email protected] Free : +1-877-284-1028FacebookParseWhen to use Facebook Parse?Real time app usage: Check real time analytics on API requests via the Parse dashboard.

Analytical Dashboard: Track any data point in your application using Analytical dashboard.

[email protected] Free : +1-877-284-1028FacebookParseWhen NOT to USE Facebook [email protected] Free : +1-877-284-1028When NOT to use Facebook Parse?Despite all the goodness, yet there are certain drawbacks in technical and coding parts of Parse.

Such flaws were first and more popularly noted by the Premium Account Customers of Facebook Mobile Application Developers.

[email protected] Free : +1-877-284-1028FacebookParseWhen NOT to use Facebook Parse?The queries are limited to 1000 records. The sub-queries return some strange data and cuts records off without warning or error.

For some strange reason there is a limit to the number of times you can issue a count query per minute and this limit appears to be really low.1) Scalability

[email protected] Free : +1-877-284-1028FacebookParseWhen NOT to use Facebook Parse?Background Jobs do not run reliably. For example, for a background job set to run every 5 min, there are times it can take up to 20+ min before the job will kick in.

Lots of Timeouts.

There is a general instability with the system1) Scalability

[email protected] Free : +1-877-284-1028FacebookParse

When NOT to use Facebook Parse?Also, the pricing is one of the biggest constraints which provokes a second thought to many application developers before actually considering Parse as their BaaS service provider.

2) [email protected] Free : +1-877-284-1028FacebookParseWhen NOT to use Facebook Parse?Another thing to consider is, difficulty in creating and maintaining following things:Server side codeDatabase management and securityPush notificationsSet up a hostSession management and security3) Maintenance

[email protected] Free : +1-877-284-1028FacebookParseConclusion & InterferenceSo what should be the ultimate judgment? After brushing through the technicalities and other things such as pricing we discussed, what should be the decision?

[email protected] Free : +1-877-284-1028FacebookParseConclusion & InterferenceWell It is not about whether Parse is the best, or whether Parse is not good enough for YOU.

For this you need to know whether it serves your purposes, what requirements you got and how it can benefit you?

[email protected] Free : +1-877-284-1028FacebookParseConclusion & InterferenceStay tuned for the next video. There you will find a hard comparison of Parse against its Competitors [email protected] Free : +1-877-284-1028FacebookParseSnehesh Mitra

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