Famous Cyclones

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  • 1. Done by Elia and David


  • The waves at the sea can be dangers during a cyclone , especially to people on board on ships and gas rigs.
  • There canbe spoiled food after a cyclone , the power can be off for some time. If the there's food in the fridge and has lost power for more than four hours, it has be thrown away.

3. Names of cyclones 4.

  • Cyclones are given names to help the weather forecasters track them more easily.
  • In Australia, there are three Australia tropical cyclones warning centers. One in Perth, One in Darwin and one in Brisbane.
  • Each of the centers has a list of names it uses alphabetically.

5. 6. 7. 8.

  • Cyclone Larry was compared to cyclone Tracy as it headed towards land .this category 5 storm hit a much less populated area ,south of cans .It wiped out hundreds of homes and destroyed local banana and sugar cane crops.

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