Finding your way around the new Acrolinx analytics capabilities

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<p>Your Content, Only Better</p> <p>Analytics: Finding your way around the new capabilitiesOctober 20141</p> <p>Analytics"In God we trust; all others must bring data." -W E Deming</p> <p>You cant hit what you cant see" Muhammad Ali</p> <p>Acrolinx Analytics provides metrics executives expect ($)content producers and operations use</p> <p>data Analytics"hit Improvesee Measure"</p> <p>2Measure and ImproveExecutivesROI - $...Impact to revenues, costs and customer satisfactionOptimization results against goals</p> <p>Operations, content producersDocuments, sizes, benchmarksCommon flags, rules</p> <p>Improvements to QualityGovernance processIncreasing usageSpellings leading to new terms</p> <p>3Monitoring and continuous improvementEnsure improvements continueFilter on custom fields for user &amp; document informationAggregate by week, month, quarter, yearStandard date ranges (e.g., last month)</p> <p>4ExtensibilityExecutives and Ops like analytics in familiar systems</p> <p>Database ERM diagram provided so you can extend this to other in-house systems</p> <p>5DemoHow you can extend analytics using excelPossibility Connect content quality scores to NPS Net Promoter ScoresClick trough's, conversion rates</p> <p>A/B Testing</p> <p>Extend to data-warehouses, internal BI systems</p> <p>Big-data systems to provide a critical parameter for further correlation</p> <p>7</p>


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