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Reviews about the paper plane apps in itunes for the user to choose.


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    Five Best Paper Plane Apps in App Store

    There are hundreds of Paper Plane apps for iTunes available now, but which ones are the best?

    Featured below you'll find the Paper Plane apps I have found to be the most helpful and funny to

    me over the past year- each targeting a different area. I've tried many of them, and now sharing

    the ones I feel are the top Paper Plane apps out there.

    New apps will be added as they are available and I have had time to review them. Until then,

    enjoy those listed below.

    Ranked: 1

    My Paper Plane 3


    The game play for My Paper Plane 3 is pretty easy. The player selects a Paper Plane to fly through

    a town, collect stars and not crash into any of the obstacles. The plane is controlled my tilting the

    iPhone up, down, left, and right. At first I found the control a little hard to understand, but after a

    few runs I was hitting high scores and having a ton of fun.

    My paper plane 3 is the first my paper plane game for the iPhone and IOS system, and it is a very

    nice addition to the iPhone app family.

    The best thing about my paper plane is 3 the graphics. Sure sometimes a simple graphics package

    and a great challenge sells an app for me, but My Paper Plane has both. The graphics package of

    this app is absolutely outstanding. The environments of this game are simply beautiful. That

    sounds like hyperbole but once all of you guys go get this app you will see what I am talking

    about. The sounds package for this game is also very strong. It is a great pleasure to review apps

    made by guys who have a great working knowledge of what makes apps great.

    Ranked: 2

    The Paper Plane Guys Construction Kit


    Simple fun with a sheet of paper-make and fly!

    The Paper Plane Guys Construction Kit clearly shows the way to demonstrate the folding. You

    dont have to guess what happens between the drawings.

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    The Paper Plane Guys Construction Kit is an awesome, if fairly nerdy, app to own. Packed with

    tons of information using both technical jargon and slightly ridiculous acronyms, its bound to

    appeal to artists and scientists alike. The Throw Simulator, which utilizes the iPhones

    accelerometer to judge ones toss, is especially neat, as are the moving fold diagramsno more

    trying to decipher confusing static pictures (often a point of frustration for origami enthusiasts)!

    Obviously, you wouldnt be able to use this app for a quick thrill, but it turns a lost art into

    something accessible and genuinely tries to help you accomplish building something, even

    encouraging you to design your own.

    Ranked: 3

    Paper Plane War


    Paper Plane War! - Cool and fast action shooter with doodle style graphics!

    Fly with your Paper Plane and shoot up enemy tanks and choppers. Fire with different types of

    ink cartridges and make high scores to enable upgrades like more speed or better design! Current

    version is loaded with 25 exciting missions and full of funny effects like ink splashes! Please note

    that this version is for SD devices (iPhone 3GS) only. A version for Retina displays is already

    available! Future updates will include new levels, more enemies and cool upgrades!

    Ranked: 4

    Paper Pilot


    Paper Pilot is essentially a racing game. You race against the clock to navigate a paper airplane

    through a number of sharp looking though static environments. You control the paper airplane by

    tilting the iPhone, and you control its speed by swiping on the screen to set it. Your objective is to

    catch a certain number of paper clips in each level, and you have to do that in a minimum

    amount of time in order to rank and unlock more levels.

    For a racing game to be fun, it has to offer some sort of catch. With Paper Pilot its environments

    are its catch, and they look fantastic. All of the environments, from the insides of offices to the

    sewers, all look great. Most are static though, without any real movement or interaction. The

    airplane itself is also static, as it doesnt flutter or move the way a real paper airplane would.

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    Ranked: 5



    The premise of PlaneOnPaper is as simple as any game could possibly be: you flick your paper

    airplane and see where it lands. Yep, that's the game. Now the flight path will be interesting each

    time as there are wind currents that work in mysterious ways. So you may be heading down but

    you keep going for a while, or your plane will rev back up into the air after a descent. There are

    obstacles to avoid, such as a statue in the middle of a wheat field, and I was only able to reach

    just before the portal after some 50 tries. The game has potential to be great fun, and the

    graphics are great. It really helps to kill some time when you are free.

    Now that you know the best 5 Paper Plane apps for your iphone, you should choose wisely. And

    please make sure that you try the app of your choice before buying it and download it from a

    trusted source.