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  • 1. Poor-Rich divide in Aravind Adigas The White Tiger Prepared by:- Vyas Foram Roll No:- 21 M.A Part 2 Sem :- 4 Paper No E-C -401 : New Literature Submitted to Department of English.
  • 2. Introduction Aravind Adigas The White Tiger, Which was awarded the Man Booker Prize in 2008. As Michael Portillo commented the novel shocked and entertained in equal measure.
  • 3. Poor-Rich divide in The Aravind AdigaThe White Tiger Culmination of the Master-Servant relationship Balram Halwai as a modern Indian hero. Breaks the Rooster coop The dream of rich and poor
  • 4. Balram- As the White Tiger > Balram is the White tiger of the books title. >Gayatri Spivaks concept of Subaltern.
  • 5. Conclusion The novel is an excellent social commentary on the poor-rich divide in India. Balram represents the downtrodden sections of our society juxtaposed against the rich.