Four Intelligent Ways for a Faster PresatShop

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Four Intelligent Ways for a Faster PresatShopHere are some of the smart and intelligent ways to bump up the speed and performance of your PrestaShop.Get a reliable and robust web hostingGetting the right web hosting is extremely necessary for making a successful ecommerce store. There is no way to go for the affordable web hosting plans rather seek out the plan which comes up with more speed, bandwidth, space and better support to your website. Web hosting in most cases determines the performance of the website in the end. Better uptime, servers in the regional centers, higher bandwidth, unlimited space and a round the clock customer support is needed to run an ecommerce store without any limitations.Both the xcart developers and the Prestashop developers emphasize on the fact of getting a highly reliable, fast and strong web hosting for remarkable online store development. Better web hosting will be able to deal with large influx of web traffic, keep the website online with all its content in a seamless fashion, it will also offer faster loading time and a desirable user experience. Disable and uninstall the unused modulesPrestaShop is a robust software, which offers an expansive range of more than 310 native features for an ecommerce website. But most of it is not required by an online store and in some cases certain modules are never used at all by the merchant or the store. In order to boost the website performance it is better to either disable the unnecessary modules or uninstall it. The lesser number of modules needed to be loaded directly affects the ecommerce store processing time. Limiting the number of modules will help in reducing the store processing time and making it much swifter and quicker than before. Offload your statsMost of the website owners dont give emphasis to the stats which collect over a period of time and undermine the websites performance. PretaShop has an inbuilt feature, which easily offloads the ecommerce stores statistical data, and it can help in saving server resources. Google Analytics is a powerful tool provided by the tech giant, which not just helps in offloading the stats but also provides incredible analytics regarding the website performance. Hiring dedicated developers from PrestaShop development company,Android App Company India can help in finding and offloading the unwanted stats from the website which can give a boost to its performance. Such developer can easily handle both PrestaShop and Google Analytics to collect, analyze and formulate new strategies to boost the website performance in an organic manner.Optimize your websiteApart from having a good web hosting, it is necessary to optimize the website for better performance. This can be done by using two tools such as Google Page Speed and Yslow, which can easily list out the problems found in the website from the corrupt images to broken links everything can be found here. These tools essentially work at finding the major and minor problems found within the website architecture and design, which seriously undermines the performance. You can use the inputs from here to overcome these bottlenecks and improve the website in a better fashion.Source: