Future:apps&mobile - mobile landscape and development platforms

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Short overview of mobile apps/web landscape/challenges and development platforms.

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  • 1. Future:apps&mobileMobile landscape and development platforms
  • 2. 600% growth in trafc to mobile websites in 2010. mobile searches grew 130% in Q3 2010 40% of tweets via mobile 16% of new users on mobile. 200 millionactive mobile users mobile transactions increased in 2009: from $25M to $141M. Visitors to web-based emails sites -7%. Visitors accessing email on mobile + 36% 43% smartphone usersused it to assist shopping By 2013, mobile phones will overtake PCs as the most common Web access device worldwide.
  • 3. Are apps the Web 3.0 ?What mobile subscribers do: 68,0% have sent SMS 36,4% used browser 34,4% downloaded apps 24,7% accessed social network or blog 23,2% played games 15,7% listened to music Source: ComScore December 2010
  • 4. Apps are different mobile apps web pages packaging self-contained set of pages personalizing location, contacts typed info app store, other apps, discovering web search & links web search & links micropayments, ads, monetizing subscription ads, subscription interacting sensors, touch mouse, keys measuring downloads attention Source: Vison Mobile, Mobile Megatrends 2011
  • 5. Smartphone users are different 43% 60% 71% expect websites expect websites wont return if websiteload on phone as fast to load in 3 seconds loads too slow as on desktop on phone on phone Source: Compuware 2011, What Users Want From Mobile
  • 6. HTML/CSS/JavaScriptMobile developer dilemma Cross-platform frameworks Native SDKs