Get More out of your SAP Systems with the Salesforce1 Platform

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Get More out of your SAP Systems with the Salesforce1 Platform

Text of Get More out of your SAP Systems with the Salesforce1 Platform

  • 1. Munich Salesforce1 World Tour Welcome to the Internet of Customers 3 July 2014 Messe Mnchen Breakout Room 4 14:00 14:40 Get More out of your SAP Systems with the Salesforce1 Platform (Session in English)

2. Agenda Introductions Salesforce1 SAP Agility Platform Customer Experience Coca Cola Q&A Session 3. Yusuf Ali - Salesforce Principal Integration and SAP Specialist Salesforce1 SAP Agility Platform 4. What Are the Most Common Apps Built on the Platform? Social EngagementCritical Processes Social WebsitesSocial Front Office Extend the the value of your backoffice Cut inefficiency with the power of the cloud. Accelerate your marketing to the pace the market moves at. Connect to customers the way they expect it - social and mobile, all the time. Automate Market EngageProduct 5. Create a Layer of Agile Apps Around Core Systems Distributor Management Apps Social Products HR Apps Mobile AppsField Service Apps Product Life Cycle Management Apps Inventory Management Apps Revenue Recognition Apps License Entitlement Apps Not only does seamlessly integrate with SAP systemsit also creates an all-encompassing social layer of agility to power your core applications 6. ERP, Industry Solutions, etc. Instant access for any employee Proven user adoption Rapid deployment, Instant scale Integrated collaboration Collaboration Employees Partner Social Media Platform Services Open API Data Modeler Customizable UI Analytics Mobile Open Languages Social Front Office Create A Layer of Agility Around Your SAP Core System Customers Include: 7. Building the Integration Blueprint Three Step Approach Define the Process Identify the Integration Layer(s) Choose the Approach Data Tasks Timing Build vs Buy Integration Methodology Resources User Interface Application Logic Data Model Salesforce can integrate seamlessly with our SAP back office and scale to multiple time zones, geographies, and currencies. 8. Middleware / ESB / ETL Communities / Chatter Point-to-Point & Mash-Ups Various Agility Scenarios PI(XI)/Direct/.Net SAP & SFDC COEXISTANCE Presentation Layer Integration Data Layer Integration Business Logic Integration Real-time/On-Demand Batch/Scheduled Real-time/Automated 9. There are Many Options to Integrate Salesforce 3rd party Integration Tools SAP ECC SAP HANA Cloud Integration SAP NW PI Direct Integration (via APIs) Option1 Option2 Option3 Option4 Cloud-based or on-prem Real-time, bi-directional process integration Real-time data integration or batch jobs Graphical flows & mappings Centralized monitoring and administration Pre-built adapters Popular integration tools: * * 10. The Social Enterprise for SAP Just a few of the SAP customers that built agility with Customers and employees can access Burberry on any device and receive the same rich experience Integrated customers, products, contracts, orders, and customer billing Viewing of product and performance data using mobile devices Forecast to billing process. Integrated orders, invoices, products, and line itemsIntegrated vehicle quoting Service Parts Info System for Partners and Employees Flexible Business Processes framework to support individual country CRM needs 11. Kai Uhlemann CocaCola Leader Mobile Competency Center CCEAG Customer Experience 12. Where we come from Project driven integration ECC CRM ETL SAP PI CDS Middleware Integration of first salesforce Application (CDS) without focus on reuse and enterprise architecture Multiple ways for master- and transactional data Customized API only 13. Where we are today Multi App, Enterprise structured Middleware Enterprise wide integration concept Master data via ETL Transactional data via SAP PI Use of salesforce Standard API Best Practice Salesforce ECC CRM ETL SAP PI CDS fSFA 14. Where we want to go Multi Org, external business logic Middleware Get prepared for Multi Org Integration of external business logic server Further optimization of integration SAP PO and monitoring ECC CRM ETL SAP PO Portal CDSfSFA Business Logic 15. Q&A Session 16. Ihre Meinung ist uns wichtig: Bitte fllen Sie vor dem Verlassen den Fragebogen an der Registrierung aus und sichern Sie sich Ihr exklusives T-Shirt.