Get Your Solution to Market Faster with MIcrosoft Platform Ready

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Microsoft Platform Ready is a program for software companies that accelerates and enhances their ability to build, test and market their applications For more information visit:


<ul><li> 1. Get Your App to Market Faster Microsoft Platform Ready Wes Yanaga Platform Strategy Advisor - ISV Developer and Platform Evangelism US West Region Twitter: @wesy Blog: </li> <li> 2. Microsoft Platform Ready Speed your time to market Microsoft Platform Ready (MPR) provides you tools and resources to help streamline your development efforts. Once your solution is market-ready, youll get access to customizable marketing templates to help you promote it. @msplatformready /microsoftplatformready </li> <li> 3. How does MPR work? 1 Sign up to the technologies your solution supports Sign Up 2 Develop Speed your development with support from Microsoft 3 Test Test your solution is compatible 4 Market Promote your compatible solution with support from Microsoft </li> <li> 4. How do I use the MPR site? 1 Sign up a) Go to and click Sign Up &gt; b) Sign in with your Live ID c) Tell us your contact details Your details will be pulled through from your MPN account if your Live ID is associated d) Tell us about your application Name, audience, description Supported languages Supported technologies e) Submit! </li> <li> 5. How do I use the MPR site? Youll find everything you need in the My MPR Dashboard Select your application and the relevant technology to access your available resources and benefits Your resources and benefits will be displayed in the content pane at the bottom of the page </li> <li> 6. How do I use the MPR site? 2 Develop Here youll find resources to help build your solution on the selected technology. You can also access your Microsoft technology specialist support from here. 3 Test We encourage self-testing, however were adding Microsoft testing tools all the time 4 Market Once youve told us your solution is ready, you can access customizable marketing templates. Youll also get guidance on how to list your solution in customer- facing directories </li> <li> 7. Why should I MPR? We have support for you whichever technologies your solution uses </li> <li> 8. Why should I MPR? Thousands of companies have already sped their time to market With MPR, we created a user interface In the US, 6,000+ companies have that met the specific needs of a new 14,500+ registered solutions marketand were getting Microsofts help in reaching that market Without MPR, we wouldnt have considered releasing this technology as a commercial Worldwide, 19,000+ companies have 26,000+ product. It sped development and expanded our registered solutions potential market </li> </ul>


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