Getting Started with Cloud Foundry on Bluemix

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Text of Getting Started with Cloud Foundry on Bluemix

  • IBM BluemixGetting Started with Cloud Foundry

  • Introduction to PaaS (5 min) Cloud Foundry overview (5 min) Bluemix console exploration (5 min) Creating and updating an app (5 min)


  • Section 1 PaaS and IaaS: Where are we and how did we get here?

  • Where do websites live?We all know what a website is. Most people are unaware of what makes them tick.

  • This is the standard architecture for your typical web application. As the web and underlying applications have evolved, so has this architecture.

    Client-Server Architecture

  • Moores Law

    The number of transistors incorporated in a chip will approximately double every 24 months.

    -Gordon Moore, 1975

    Credit: Intel

  • The first path to the cloudInfrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

  • Customer ManagedService Provider Managed Infrastructure as

    a Service



















    Platform as a Service

    Built ontechnologies:

    The key to rapid application development is optimal abstraction. The PaaS and IaaS models help deliver the right level for developers.

    The stack is not your friend

  • Section 2 Cloud Foundry: What is the platform, anyways?

  • The industry-leading open PaaSCloud Foundry

    Clouds - Public, Private, LocalChoice

    Runtimes - node.js, spring, ruby on rails, byob Services - MongoDB, MySQL, Redis, Twilio

    Decreased time to deployment aka faster G2MBenefits

    Increased environment parity Services can be self-assembled to create integrated apps Elastically scale applications Removes worries of OS and middleware patches

    Development methodologies must adapt to techDrawbacks

    Requires dev awareness of platform limitations and best practices Control over underlying middleware and infrastructure is limited

  • Platform is abstracted as a set of large-scale distributed services

    Components are dynamically discoverable and loosely coupled

    Uses Cloud Foundry Bosh to operate the underlying infrastructure from the IaaS provider

    Uses a dynamic router to shape and route all traffic and orchestrate load balancing

    Droplet Execution Agents (DEAs) are responsible for the app lifecycle

    Health Manager monitors and maintains application uptime

    Buildpacks detect app runtime and compile source code into executable binaries

    Cloud Foundry Architecture

  • Flexible Compute Options to Run Apps / ServicesInstant Runtimes Containers Virtual Machines

    Platform Deployment Options that Meet Your Workload Requirements

    Bluemix Public

    Bluemix Dedicated

    Bluemix Local*

    DevOps Tooling Your Own Hosted Apps / Services

    Integration and API Mgmt

    Powered by IBM SoftLayer In Your Data Center

    + + +

    + +

    Catalog of Services that Extend Apps Functionality

    Web Data Mobile AnalyticsCognitive IoT Security Yours


    Cloud Foundry is the underlying PaaS behind Bluemix. It enables teams to practice continuous delivery by making it easier to deploy, run, and manage apps.

    Where does Cloud Foundry fit in?

  • Types of services Accounts for a SaaS application Managed database on a multi-tenant server Plans for messaging providers

    How it works When a user adds a service, an instance of that particular service is provisioned

    A service broker handles communication between CF and the service itself

    Service processes run on service nodes or with external as-a-service providers

    Services allow users to provision resources on demandCloud Foundry Services

  • Section 3 & 4 The console: How do I use this thing?

  • 1. Find your desired runtime in the catalog

    2. Select the runtime, make sure you are in your desired org and space, then fill in the Name and Host fields in the configuration box

    3. Click CreateYour app will now stage and deploy. Once it is finished, hit View App link to access

    your running app!

    Creating an appThe simplest way to get a functioning app up on Bluemix is to create an app from one of the supported runtimes in the catalog.



  • 1. Download the starter code

    2. Open up the public/index.html file using your favorite text editor

    3. Change the value inside the h1 element on line 18 to read Hello World! and save

    4. Push the app back to Bluemix using the cf login and the cf push commands

    Editing your codeDownload your code to edit it locally and push the updated version back to Bluemix using the CF CLI




  • Thank You! Questions?


  • Additional ResourcesUse the following resources to continue exploring Bluemix

    IBM Bluemix GitHub:

    Bluemix Blog:

    Cloud Foundry Foundation:

    Cloud Foundry CLI: