Getting Started with Google Cloud Technology

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Given at the GDG Beirut Bootcamp a pre-Startup Weekend Byblos event: - Getting started with Google App Engine - PHP SDK - Getting started with Google Compute Engine - Setting up your Debian 7 Virtual Machine.

Text of Getting Started with Google Cloud Technology

  • 1. Getting Started with Google app Engine PHP SDK - Cloud SQL Getting Started with Google Compute Engine Configure your Virtual Machine DonaldDerekDerekHaddad

2. $25,000 Worth of prizes! 3. 4. Getting Started with Google app Engine PHP SDK - Cloud SQLDerekHaddad 5. Installing weapons Available for Mac-OSX, Windows and Linux 6. $2000 to get started with Google Cloud Platform Google Cloud Platform Starter Pack allows developers from affiliated partners to receive $2,000 of credit - $1,000 for Google App Engine and $1,000 for Google Compute 7. Google cloud console 8. Create new project 9. Hello world php sdkhelloworld/ app.yaml helloworld.phpDerekHaddad 10. WARNING coding mask on! 11. Using the Users ServiceDerekHaddad 12. Handling Web FormsDerekHaddad 13. Using Static FilesDerekHaddad 14. UploadingDeploying Nuke Your ApplicationEdit the app.yaml file, then change the value of the application: setting from helloworld to your registered application ID Use your Google Engine Launcher to deploy your app!DerekHaddad 15. Where is your app ? http://your_app_id.appspot.comDerekHaddad 16. Building our guestbook app Using Cloud SQLDerekHaddad 17. Connect to cloud sqlDerekHaddad 18. WARNING coding mask on! 19. Google compute engine Setting up your Virtual Machine!DerekHaddad 20. Terminal alert! 21. Ssh into your vm Set-up your Virtual Machine Ex: Add a FirewallDerekHaddad 22. Install web server sudo apt-get install apache2DerekHaddad 23. Build crazy things! Install node.jsDerekHaddad 24. May The Source be With you