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Global Biodiversity Informatics Outlook

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The Global Biodiversity Informatics Outlook helps to focus effort and investment towards better understanding of life on Earth and our impacts upon it. It proposes a framework that will help harness the immense power of information technology and an open data culture to gather unprecedented evidence about biodiversity and to inform better decisions.

Text of Global Biodiversity Informatics Outlook

  • 1. The GBIO Framework

2. Focus Area: Culture Making data sharing the norm Ensuring data can be understood and used across systems and across disciplines Creating a stable data archiving infrastructure to ensure no data are lost or mislaid Creating a policy framework to encourage sharing and reuse of biodiversity data Benefiting from the expertise of the whole global community 3. Focus Area: Data Using data mining and semantic tools to turn unstructured data into information Accelerating the rate at which historic specimen- based data are made discoverable Making field data accessible and interoperable Incorporating data arising from genomics Harnessing automated monitoring technology to provide planet-wide surveys 4. Focus Area: Evidence Creating a network of expertise to manage biodiversity data Providing a stable and comprehensive catalogue of all species Making accessible all data about when and where an organism has been recorded Providing the framework to capture trait information and interactions between species Delivering access to all published biodiversity knowledge 5. Focus Area: Understanding Estimating biodiversity patterns from available evidence Using predictive modelling to assess status, trends and impacts Building virtual models from molecules to ecosystems Giving access to information in ways that will revolutionize how we understand biodiversity Concentrating on the areas of greatest change and uncertainty 6.