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Google+ Plus is simply Googles attempt to compete with Facebook and Twitter on a social media platform. The layout of it is eerily similar to Facebook. The homepage consists of a stream of information from the people you are following. There are three main features that seem to make up the basics of Google+. The circles element allows you to create small groups that you can share specific information with. The photos tab is quite interactive. It shows photos from any and all of your followers that you choose. It also allows you to edit photos similar to Instagram. Perhaps the most popular element of Google+ is the hangout feature. This allows you to group chat with many people simultaneously, as long as you are included in a circle of the person who started the hangout session. Stats/Usage Google Plus is right around 100 million users (Feb 2012) It is projected Google+ will hit 400 million users by years end Tips Make sure to set up Circles when beginning Google Plus. This is what allows you to create separate groups, and this feature is what ultimately separates Google+ from Facebook. It allows you to share information with the people you want and in turn gives more privacy to the user. It is important to be engaging, just as in other social networks. +1 button is similar to a Like but it is more of a recommendation. If you think something is cool, then +1 it to recommend it to your friends and family. OrganizationsGoogle+ has a separate tab dedicated to showing nonprofit organizations they want them to utilize their tools. After doing some simple searches, there are tons of organizations on Google+. Similar to Facebook, they are allowed to post articles, videos, or links to promote their cause. They are attempting to incorporate Universities into the Pages feature. Additional ResourcesBeginners Guide to Google Plus by YouTube5 Reasons Why Google Plus Sucks by Dan CrillyGoogle Plus as a Professional Communication Tool by Shay ShakedInfographic Facebook vs. Google+

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