GPS Vehicle Tracking system Hyderabad India, Fleet Tracking software india

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GPSWala offers GPS tracking system units and software services for vehicle tracking and fleet management companies. You can track vehicles where ever they are on globe with the help of our software, which allows you to track your vehicle on web browser and mobile browser. We only undertake Corporate solutions no retail. Visit : Call US : +91-99595 72244

Text of GPS Vehicle Tracking system Hyderabad India, Fleet Tracking software india

  • 1. Track your Fleet from any where! GPS Vehicle Tracking System. Managing a fleet of automobiles can be complex enough without the added task of data management. Motto Systems fleet management software solutions helps to manage assets, maximize productivity, reduce costs, retain drivers, and stay safe on the road. Our software solutions provides seamless integration of operations, supports multiple sales channels while focusing on delivering end-to-end integrated processes from initial customer contact through to contract renewal. This With proper data generated by our solutions, companies can reduce costs, save time and improve operating efficiency and business integration with partners all along the value chain.
  • 2. GPSWala Features
  • 3. Dashboard
  • 4. LocateyourVehicleonMap
  • 5. LocateyourVehicleonSatelliteMap
  • 6. StopandStartReport
  • 7. Begin&EndReport
  • 8. FleetSummaryReport
  • 9. HaltReportalongwithGoogleMapLink
  • 10. HaltInformationonGoogleMap
  • 11. VehicleTrackinginbetweenTwoDates
  • 12. Motto Systems Pvt Ltd., 302, Topaz Building Amrutha Hills Panjagutta, Hyderabad-500 082 AP, India www.MottoSys.Com