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2. TALLIS HABI TS 3. excellence noun The quality of being outstanding or extremely good. 4. To understand the world and change it for the better. 5. The world is complicated and changing. 6. The world of work is changing 7. Top 10 Skills Businesses want: Expressing own ideas. Confidence working in groups. Awareness of the BIGGER picture. Gather information and find solutions. Self motivation. Written Communication. Plan and organise. Good time management.75% of 2000 top executives asked said the following were the crucial skills for the future world of work: Critical thinking and problem solving Creativity Collaboration Communication(survey done in 2010) 8. A growth mindset you can get better at things 9. The habits are skills you can use whenever you are learning 10. The habits are skills you can use wherever you are learning 11. What now? 12. Reflect in your lessons 13. Try to use the language Could you have been more imaginative? How?What have you noticed about how inquisitive youve been?Did you stick with it when it got difficult? How did that feel?How have you collaborated? How did it help you learn? 14. Rewards in Year 7 15. To understand the world and change it for the better. 16. TALLIS HABI TS

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