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  • Unexplained Phenomena Research Project By: Halee L.
  • Easter Island is an island in the South PacificOcean 2,300 miles west of Chile.The Island has big statues with faces on them.Scientist cant explain who made these statues.Theyre too big and weigh too much for people tomake them and put them on the island.
  • People think that aliens created the statues because no human back in the earlier times would be able to make these big stone statues with their tools. Aliens would be more likely to make them because of their more advanced tools.
  • If humans did make them they would have to use some kind of magic. Otherwise it would have been impossible to make them.
  • HumansAliens
  • The statues of Easter Island could have been created by people. In ancient times canoe ladders were available to transport hundreds of huge long faced statues..
  • Easter Island statues could have been created by aliens. They would have had more advanced technology to make them.
  • Humans might have created the statues to represent their ancestors.
  • Aliens could have created Easter Island statues to show us that they do exist.
  • Did you know that Chile has governed Easter Island since 1888? The statues on Easter Island are 11to 12 ft tall. Some are even 40 ft tall. They weigh up to about 81 to 90 tons. A long time ago war broke out on Easter Island and a lot of the statues fell down. A lot of them have been put back in place, but hundreds just lay on the island.
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