Holiday Staffing for Contact Centers - Prepare for the Holiday Rush!

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What is your strategy this holiday season for offering your customers the highest level of service while maximizing the profitability of each customer interaction? Check out our infographic for three pivotal tips to prepare for the holiday rush and optimize customer experience in your contact center.


  • 1. Holiday Stang for Contact CentersThree Pivotal Tips to Prepare for the Holiday Rush & Optimize the Customer Experience in Your Contact Center What is your strategy this holiday season for oering your customers the highest level of service while maximizing the protability of each customer interaction? Check out the tips below to ensure your contact center is prepared during the holiday rush to deliver optimal customer service.Opening Date: 10/12/12NAMECURRENT OFFERS AVAILABLE TO CUSTOMERAccount #: 86-7659-2001ACCOUNT TYPE: CheckingSavingsCredit CardBalance ($):597.87NOTESStandard: 76 Goal: 85 Quality: 96PLATINUM CARD85Contact: Jane Automation Service Cloud ConsoleTELLER PRO First NameLast Name Client DetailsSearchChecking #1703-224-9002LogansportJane1101 Michigan Ave.CityLogansportStateINZip785-44-1234Jane AutomationCheckingFICO Score Jane Automation46947Description AmountEditName46947785-44-1234CTI Screen PopEmail Phone Number First Name MAINFRAME XTRA XtremeJaneLast Name Account Number2001AnswerHangupHelpAccountIDjane@openspan.comI changed a note 011000315WYZInteraction LogAutomationNameJane AutomationRelated ToNotesSubject Next CallOpenSpan Real-World SceneriosType: Comments Merchant ID: 2382-001 Visa/MC: Y52NotesAccount DetailCredit Cards:2382-8501-4510-3891Trouble Shoot KMGary GoldstandardReports To Days since last activity703-654-9875Hour: 19:34 HomeAccount: 2001 Status: ClosedTrouble ShootContact Owner785-44-1234Save Clear OptionsDate: 08/08/08CC#785Work With PortalMobileIncoming Call DetailsSessionCloneJane AutomationName PhoneCallVoIPNotesToolsDeleteOPEN DASHBOARD678-527-5400SSNViewCredit ScoreMAIN785 FRAMENameZipEditOpenSpanCredit Card 2382-8501-4510-3891INBalancePhoneFileSERVICE CLOUD CONSOLE OS Acct. ID 2345-2001Acct. IDHomeAccount TypesStateAutomationSSN Home First Name AddressSEARCH 20011101 Michigan AveCityAutomation2001Customer NumberLast NameSALESFORCE StreetJaneTellerPro v1.0CUSTOMER INFODiscover: NAccount Activity#1Use One Screen to Rule Them All Create a customer 360 view that will tap into dierent systems that contain customer information from a single window! Decrease costly and time-consuming training time for contact center agents Create seasoned agents that can spend more time interacting with the customer and making sales not navigating multiple systems and copying/pasting dataProvide Access to Critical Customer Data Provide agents with access to real-time data including accurate pricing and inventory availability to communicate to customer Agents must be able to access multiple systems with limited navigation system to system Present Next Best Oer guidance to the contact center agent to drive increased revenue and leverage cross-sell and up-sell opportunities#3Contact: Jane Automation Service Cloud ConsoleSEARCHSERVICE CLOUD CONSOLETellerPro v1.0 HomeClient Details Customer Number2001Last NameAutomationSearchCheckingHome First NameJaneAddress1101 Michigan Ave.CityLogansportStateINAmountEditBalanceName46947 678-527-5400SSN785-44-1234CTI Screen PopPhoneCallEmail Phone NumberJaneOptionsDate: 08/08/08Trouble ShootContact OwnerTrouble Shoot KMGary GoldstandardReports To Days since last activity52NotesI changed a noteAccountIDjane@openspan.com011000315WYZInteraction LogLast NameAutomationAccount Number2001AnswerSessionWork With Portal785-44-1234First NameToolsClone703-654-9875MobileIncoming Call DetailsSave ClearViewDeleteJane AutomationNameVoIPNotesMAINFRAME XTRA Xtreme EditCredit Score 785NameZipFileOpenSpanJane AutomationDescriptionPhone#2Jane Automation Credit Card 2382-8501-4510-3891Account TypesHangupHelpNameJane AutomationRelated ToNotesSubject Next CallOpenSpan Real-World SceneriosHour: 19:34 Home Account Detail Account: 2001 Status: Closed Credit Cards:Type: Comments Merchant ID: 2382-001 Visa/MC: YDiscover: NAccount ActivityProvide Holiday Worker Incentives for Millennial, Seasonal Employees Drive holiday sales and help agents meet sales quotas as well as increase upsell and cross-sell metrics for incentive pay by using gamicationgaming techniques used in the workplace to achieve levels of performance and engage the millennial generationWith these key tips the hectic holiday season can become simple and streamlined. Consistent, high level customer service can be achieved even with temporary holiday hires. Give your seasonal workers the information and tools to discover a Better Way to Work. v1013Follow us online


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