How bulk sms is useful to grow your business

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Presented by WEGUS Infotech (P) Ltd.How SMS Marketing help to grow a Business?


Research on Mobile MarketingWhat research says:Recent research suggests the average smartphone users check their mobile device a extensively 150 times a day. For business, this presents a hugely compelling opportunity to extend your target market reach.

But when ask marketers what their preferred channel is, mobile marketing. The beauty of SMS marketingis that it has extraordinarily high average open rate over 90% much more than email or social alone.

Boost Your Business5 simple wayscan leverage the Power of SMS marketing Roll out the Red carpet Get front and centre Be a channel hopper Get your message on point Strong CTA = Fast Sales

Roll out the Red carpet Sell pizzas? send out an exclusive discount code just before LunchIn SMS campaign, use a discount coupon to engage customers from the outset. By leading with the offer, the retailer grabbed customers attention, compelling them to read on and learn how to redeem it. Simple, yet effective.Create enticing offers, your goal is simple: to remind your customer of the clear, on-going benefits of being a mobile subscriber. A little VIP treatment can go a long way.

Do this, and youll be well on your way to keeping their attention and their loyalty.

Get front and centre Create Your BrandYour goal should always to be creating your brand name in front of the customer immediately. Your SMS campaign state your brand up-front will significantly impact on your open rates. Remember, on-going conversations are built on context, so know your target audience and find ways to speak directly to them.

Be a channel hopper Thrive people through different Channel Max-out your brands pulling power is to integrate social into your SMS campaign. For example, if your social page is thriving, why not use your fan base to grow your SMS subscriber base withShort code/ Long Code.

Ex: Pizza Hut posted a picture to its Facebook timeline, inviting more than 10 millions fans to text HUT to short code number get free cheese sticks with their next order.

Get your message on pointRelevant MessagesThe click-through rate for SMS is double, so its important to make the most of your 160-character length. Relevant messaging can really help to drive high conversions & be sure to let your customer know what they need to do next. For example, if customers need to head to your website or store for more info, include a shortened hyperlink so they can get there quickly.

Strong CTA = Fast SalesUse Command WordsSMS has an average conversion rate of 8% compared to other source so make sure your call-to-action is clear and powerful. It might be only two or three words, but without them, your SMS is a waste of valuable time and budget. Use command words: shop now,redeem now,and get access. If theres an expiry on your offer, include it to give a sense of urgency. Wherever possible, include ashortened hyperlinkto your site, or include the number to call.

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