How to build your Online Social Media Identity "Personal Brand"?

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<p>Slide 1</p> <p>BETA</p> <p>Reid Hoffman Jeff Weiner</p> <p>Sean Parker Eduardo SaverinMark Zuckerberg </p> <p>Biz StoneJack Dorsey Evan WilliamsDick Costolo</p> <p>AgendaWhat is a Personal Brand?</p> <p>Why you need it?</p> <p>How to apply? </p> <p>Channels vs. Identity: (Facebook -LinkedIn-Twitter)</p> <p>Social Media Management Tools.</p> <p>Collect your desired content &amp; channels in the Hub.Personal BrandI didnt find you!When did you last google yourself?</p> <p>Does every result positively promote you?</p> <p>Are you have the ability to control the results of the 1st page on Google?who are you?</p> <p>what is your area of expertise?</p> <p>what would you like people to know/impress about you?</p> <p>What is a Personal Brand?The way they perceive you your personal brand.</p> <p>Of course, you don't really need to create a personal brand. You already have one.</p> <p>Why You need it?- Employers will Google you.</p> <p>- If you don't manage it, it will be managed for you.</p> <p>- You will miss out on conversations from which you can benefit.</p> <p>- Technology evolves and could leave you in the dust.You need the same:Avatar.- Full Name.- Claim your Vanity URL. "Username" 1, 2, 3- Email. (Ex: Mari Smith- Larry Prevost - oprah winfrey)Personal branding statement.(Ex: Kareem SaMaRa)How to apply?Tell people where you are active on.(Ex: I'm not active on twitter please connect with me at.....)</p> <p>Add links to other sites .</p> <p>Email Signature.</p> <p>Never ignore any channel.FacebookDecide your content strategy!- depens on your passion- (50% in your career - 30% in your hobbies &amp; interests- 20% other)- ...</p> <p>2. Know your audience.</p> <p>3. Diverse your content with the right audience.4. Fill out your profile completely- (work - education volunteer)- help you get a job!</p> <p>5. Set your privacy settings- test: see your profile for public.- set subscribe button.6. Third party app- post as you.- Profile Tabs.LinkedIn1. Set some Basics Custom URL. Headline.- Summary.- google keyword tool!- Add sections: projects - courses honors,,,- Recommendations &amp; Endorsement.2. Develop your network- Import your contacts.- Be open and available.- Leave your email addressin summary.- Promote your URL.- Update your status. Share on Groups. Resume.linkedinlabs.comTwitter1. Think Before You TweetAll your tweets archived and still available.</p> <p>2. Be Yourselfif you dont show some personality, you will fail.</p> <p>3. Keep People engagedIf youre working on a project, or having trouble with something tweet it.4. Follow Trends &amp; share on #hashtags |</p> <p>5. RetweetAlways give credit to the source, but share it with YOUR audience.Management ToolsTo build anything you need the right tools,,</p> <p>- Tweet Deck- Buffer- Hootsuite-</p> <p>Collect your desired ContentFollow Influencer:</p> <p>- Facebook Lists.- Twitter Lists.- Youtube Channels.- Blogs.</p> <p> groups to rss app @ facebookCreate Your</p> <p>Do &amp; Dont- Dont sell your products.- Dont take yourself too seriously.- Don't present yourself negatively to the World.- Don't participate in only one community.Do &amp; Dont- Your Image Matters.- People can become experts, companies are not.- People are searching for people just like you.- You have something to offer.- You Are Unique.- Theres No Time Like</p> <p>Thanks :_)</p> <p>Kareem SaMaRaKareem@internet-life.org</p> <p>Internet Life /</p>