How to build your personal brand & grow your platform

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<ul><li> 1. How To Build Your Personal Brand &amp; Grow Your PlatformPaul Carrick Brunson (Passionate about matchmaking, branding, entrepreneurship, and burgers.)</li></ul> <p> 2. Areas of Discussion Module 1: Building Your Personal Brand Module 2: Growing Your Platform (Online) Module 3: Growing Your Platform (Offline) Module 4: Must Use Supplemental Tools Bonus: Open Q&amp;A 3. Module 1: Building Your Personal Brand 4. The 3 Most Important Questions You Can Ask When Building a Brand 1) Who do people think I am? 2) Who am I? 3) How can I close the gap? 5. Who Do People Think I Am? What doesGoogle say? 360 Analysis Trusted circle 6. Who Am I? Valuesexercise Visionstatement War story 7. Close The Gap Bridgestructural holes 2 Differenttypes of capital 6 Weapons of influence 8. The 6 Principles of Influence (To Close The Gap) Reciprocity Commitment (and Consistency) Social proof Liking Authority Scarcity 9. Module 2: Growing Your Platform (Online) 10. Home Base &amp; Embassies Always begins and ends with your site/blogHow to select social networksNative storytelling on key social media platformsBe consistent in name brand 11. Blog Case Study: John Harris 12. Your (Home) Blog Must have elementsImportance of frequency/length/forma tContribution by you and from othersRegular versus premium content 13. Email List Use email platform like MailChimpAuto-response (open rate secret) Frequency Stay consistent w/ Brand (newsletter versus personal email) 14. How to Choose? Own what youre good at AND where you suckDemographics of audienceLook where you can be a BIG fish in a small pondEventually, youll need to be everywhere 15. Facebook Personal v. PageFrequency &amp; engagementAnalyticsPromotional ADs Highest engaged Content 16. Twitter Cocktail party (listen &amp; add value) - Tweetdeck is helpful! Include photo + linkDont buy followers!130 or less for RT w/ comment 17. Emerging Importance YouTube Google+ Linked-In Instagram Pinterest 18. Module 3: Growing Your Platform (Offline) 19. Getting Your Hands Dirty Strategy driven by locality of product &amp; serviceBecome a super connector Secure an agent Speaking/Hosting 20. Foreigner Theory Cast net wide strategicallyLow hanging fruit is still good to eatLeverage outside wins back home 21. Become a Super Connector 22. Secure an Agent Introductions are more powerful(Online) Helps w/ social proof &amp; group thinkWe all need references 23. Module 4: MUST Use Supplemental Tools 24. Duplicate Yourself AnalyticsContent dissemination tools Photo editingContent gathering toolsBuilding your team 25. Analytics Google Page ViewsContent Flow UsersBounce RateQuantcast Klout 26. Content Gathering Tools Non-integrated: Integrated: Push Web: Push Email: Google Alerts 27. Content Dissemination Tools Best all-around: BufferVanity URL Shortener: Vanityurlshorteners.comNative storytelling may require using social media platform schedulerStandard URL Shortener: 28. Photo Editing Tools Web based: Picmonkey.comMobile App: InstaQuoteResize App: InstaSize 29. Building Your Team Your are the CTOLook for complimentary playersMove quickly to replacePartner philosophy (versus payment) 30. Summary Determine what you say Dare to be great (right psychology) Select most effective online tools for you and execute natively Strategically connect with people offline Use resources to work efficiently 31. How To Build Your Personal Brand &amp; Grow Your PlatformPaul Carrick Brunson (Passionate about matchmaking, branding, entrepreneurship, and burgers.) </p>


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