How to Go Mobile in 10 Easy Steps

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Did you figure out why to go mobile yet? (If not, see Now it's time for the how--10 easy steps to help you figure out how to build your mobile presence.


  • 1. How to go mobile!in 10 easy steps.!!from!

2. Mobile Site!What areMobile App!yourMobile Search!options?! !Email & Text Message !!1! Choose your approach(es).! 3. Of US mobile users in December 2011*,!!What do 47.60% used mobile apps!your 47.50% used mobile browsers!customers !use?! If its neck and neck!you must accommodate both.!2! Consider your audience.!*comScore 2012! 4. Approach! Benets!Drawbacks!Site! Relatively simple! May require new content and/or Leverage existing site! coding! Works on many devices! Can limit functionality!What do App!Searchable on web!Sophisticated functionality! Can be complex and expensive Possible revenue! to develop own app!your Customers already use apps! Users must download and openapps!customers Search! Leverage existing site!Get found at decisive moment,when user is ready to buy!Users may nd and defect tocompetitors!Most useful for local!need?!Email & Leverage existing emailNeed mobile site for searchers tovisit!May need supporting mobile site!Text! program w/ mobile mods! Text requires opt-in! Simple with many tools!3! Consider the benets.! 5. You dont have to build your own appnd outwhat mobile-ready social media your customersuse and engage there. Options include:!! Facebook: create a page, get likes with offers/! giveaways/contests, share news and updates!!Foursquare: create check-in/mayor deals!How can you !! Twitter: have a hashtag; tweet news and deals; host or participate in relevant industry chats!create the!!right codeCreate targeted mobile promos that areconcise, compelling, and can be quicklyand content?! completed on any mobile device.! 4!Consider your strengths.! 6. 81% of users prefer mobile sites to apps for pricing research ! 79% prefer mobile sites for reviews ! 63% prefer mobile sites for purchasing! Promotions shared through other channelsMobile sites often need mobile optimized landing pages (social media can also be used)!make good Mobile sites are simple & exible; you cansense.!drive trafc to them from many sources! 5! (Re)consider amobile site.! Adobe 2012! 7. Do!Dont ! Concise content! Overcomplicate Clear CTAs!things! Large images Fix widths! and buttons! Lock info in PDFKeep in minddownloads! Single column!that mobile Register on LBS! Require complexis different.!form completion!6!Consider mobile !dos and donts.! 8. Try a mobile site or app builder such as SnapHop, Weebly, WordPress Mobile, Mobify, Wirenode, Mippin Mobilizer, Onbile, MoFuse, and others.! !Use toolsTalk to your development team or& talent.! technical staff to determine the best approach to build-it-yourself.!7! Build a prototype.! 9. Test on iPhone, Android,Blackberry, tablet, andother major devices.!!List and x problems andinconsistencies.!Ensurecross-deviceSocial media promos are easyways to leverage platforms that arefunctionality.! already very mobile friendly.!8! Test internally and test again.! 10. Send out mobile optimizedPromoteemails with coupons that can be redeemed onmobile mobile.!offers with! Post social media updatesemail andand contests that users can respond to and re-social.! share on mobile.! 9! Test withcustomers.! 11. Youre not done after the rst trial!!!See what users do & respond to it.!!Analyze Mobile is constantly growing andresults and changing. You should too.!iterate.!10! Keep onimproving.! 12. 10 easy steps.!Are you ready to begin?! Jump right in with!