How to integrate iBeacon technology into your app

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How to integrate iBeacon technology into your app

Ravi PratapCo-founder & CTO | MobStacDecember 2014

Beacon Primer Webinar Series1Beacon Primer Webinar SeriesChallenges of deploying Beacons in the real world

AugustSeptemberOctoberDecemberUpcomingHow to choose the right beacons for your businessHow to measure the ROI of your beacon-enabled campaignsHow to deploy and manage a fleet of beaconsHow to integrate iBeacon technology into your app2What are beacons?Low-cost, low-power transmitters equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy or BLE (also called Bluetooth 4.0 or Bluetooth Smart)

Help mobile devices detect proximity and determine micro-location

How beacons workBeacons dont transmit content. Period.

A beacon transmits a signal that allows another device to determine its proximity to the beacon

Todays webinarYou need a mobile app

Your app vs. a 3rd party app


You need an app. Beacons do nothing by themselvesA beacon-enabled app installed on devices running iOS 7.1 (or above) will look for beacons even if the app isnt active.Android (4.3+) devices with BLE hardware need a service running in the background that continuously searches for beacons.

iBeacon-enabled Apps

3rd party appPassbookBuild your own appBlue box to be designed by Nikhil.7

Your own iBeacon-enabled app

Build your own app 3rd party appPassbookBlue box to be designed by Nikhil.8

Works best for:

Brands that have an app with a sufficient number of downloadsBrands that can incentivize the consumer to download their app

Tescos MyStore app

Improves customer experienceIn-store navigation

Your own iBeacon-enabled app93rd-party iBeacon-enabled apps

3rd party appPassbookBuild your own app

Blue box to be designed by Nikhil.10Works best for:

Brands that dont have an app or lack widespread distributionBrand willing to invest in the beacon hardware, but happy to leave the software development to a well-known 3rd-party

Macys use of Shopkick

3rd-party iBeacon-enabled apps on iOS

3rd party appPassbook Build your own app

Blue box to be designed by Nikhil.12Works best for:

Simple use cases that involve images that need to be transferred to the consumers device

Werribee Plaza, Melbourne (shopping mall)

Integrating with PassbookPassbook: the utility app on Apple devices13About BeaconstacBeaconstac is a beacon-agnostic proximity marketing and analytics platform, for developersNative iOS & Android SDKs integrate directly into any appCMS for beacons; rule engine on device3rd-party backend integration through webhooks (CRM, e-commerce, etc.)Beacon-agnostic software platform

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