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How to Keep Up with Your Growing CompanyPRESENTER CHIEF PRODUCT OFFICER @LiveTilesUI

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Everyday, your business is developing and transforming (and hopefully growing). New clients, new offices, new customers, new employees and new technologies to take advantage of; it truly never ends. While your business develops and transforms, you need ways to keep up with it. You need a way to keep all your ducks in a row, so to speak. This article will focus on a expanding business that adopted a new digital workplace to accommodate its growing popularity, and also explain some ways to help your business develop and transform, courtesy of the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) @LiveTilesUI

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is an organization dedicated to helping the infirm or disabled overcome their obstacles and obtain financial independence through various means. In the last few years, FedCap has been growing rapidly, moving from only a few locations around New York City to offices throughout the Northeast corridor serving approximately 80,000 people. They needed an intranet to help deal with the growth and integrate employees to promote collaboration. First they tried a traditional venture with hardware and servers that cost a lot of money that they didnt have. Then FedCap used LiveTiles to create an intranet that worked for them and cost less. The LiveTiles intranet pictured below features an integrated Yammer feed used to ease communication in the digital workplace.3

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4Now that youve heard a real-life success story, heres a few tips from the AIIM, which holds a conference every year at various locations around the world. They released this eBook that has 21 different techniques for dealing with business development and transformation, as well as input from some of the top leaders in the industry. The following are some of the better suggestions and what they mean. @LiveTilesUI www.livetiles.nycEXAMPLE7/6/165 @LiveTilesUI www.livetiles.nyc7/6/166 @LiveTilesUI @LiveTilesUI

1. Know where the puck is going: Be aware of what is happening in your field of business and be ready to adjust if new technology or new needs arise.2. Think business, not fashion: Spend your money strategically, on things youll actually need, not just because they look cool and everyone else is using it.3. One size does not fit all: Just because one type of tech works for a company doesnt mean it will work for yours.7Transformation Strategy @LiveTilesUI

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81. Not all customers will immediately love the idea of disruptive change: You need to educate your customers on using new technologies that save you money.2. If you cant measure it, dont do it: If you cant measure the benefits that a new technology will bring to your business, dont use it.3. Plan that when you fail (and you will fail) you do so quickly: Dont worry about getting it right the first time, worry about getting something in place that can be evaluated.Preparing for Action @LiveTilesUI @LiveTilesUI

91. A unified information strategy is not a luxury: Going forward with your business cannot be a job left half done; having a strategy is imperative.2. Find a trusted partner that will listen and is excited about your journey: Get to know the core values of the companies youre interviewing to help you with your transformation; go with one that believes in you and wants you to succeed.3. Think big, start small, grow steadily: Find a small project that shows proof of concept and potential ROI; it shows good resource management and will get commitment for other projects.Implementing Your Transformation Plan @LiveTilesUI www.livetiles.nycNow that youve seen a real example of business development and transformation, you can take what youve learned and apply it to your growing organization. Just like FedCap did, you can use LiveTiles to create an intranet that is cost efficient and will promote cooperation and employee involvement.7/6/1610 @LiveTilesUI www.livetiles.nycLive Tiles is a digital workplace platform that brings all your organizational content into an engaging common user experience, and them empowers the every day user to evolve the experience as the business changes MAJOR BENEFITSRapid delivery of business solutions Users can evolve the experiences as requiredDesign experiences is drag-and-dropContent can be pulled from essentially anywhereMobile, responsive and engagingUpdates released every 2 weeksCustom tiles can be built

CUSTOMERS ARE SAYING Youd probably rather not spent your time on the phone. But when you have to, its nice to put a face to a name and voice. Skype, the original video-conferencing software, is still the perfect utility for small and growing businesses. With long roots in the industry, and millions of users, Skype remains free to call for other users and youre able to buy credits to cheaply call landlines and mobiles (even internationally !).1111What Is Live Tiles?

OTHER EXAMPLES @LiveTilesUI www.livetiles.nycLive Tiles is a digital workplace platform that brings all your organizational content into an engaging common user experience, and them empowers the every day user to evolve the experience as the business changes Try Live Tile here Product Officer

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