How to make good teams great

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This presentation is about how to get the best out of your software development team. We at Atlassian have tried some things to make our daily work more efficient and more fun. We are tying things like Dogfooding, Brown Bags, automatic project reports, FedEx Days and much much more.


<p>good Teams great?</p> <p>How to make7 Things:</p> <p>Sven PetersAtlassian</p> <p></p> <p></p> <p>Ambassador</p> <p>Thatsme</p> <p>How to makeSoftwareTeams great?</p> <p>AgileHow to make</p> <p>Teams great?</p> <p>goodHow to make</p> <p>Teams great?</p> <p>WereAustralian, mate!</p> <p>Beware!</p> <p>Programmers Heaven</p> <p>Kick Ass Team Kick Ass Product</p> <p>We kick ass</p> <p>Comp</p> <p>anies </p> <p>do</p> <p>What </p> <p>we ca</p> <p>n do</p> <p>What </p> <p>we ca</p> <p>n do</p> <p>What </p> <p>we ca</p> <p>n do</p> <p>What </p> <p>the ch</p> <p>ange</p> <p>you se</p> <p>ekBe </p> <p>good Teams great?</p> <p>How to make7 Things:</p> <p>1</p> <p>Its Fl</p> <p>owtim</p> <p>e</p> <p>Productivity</p> <p>Inte</p> <p>rrup</p> <p>tion</p> <p>vs.</p> <p>Do not</p> <p>disturbTime</p> <p>Do not</p> <p>disturbthe rest</p> <p>How easy is it to implement in a corporate environment?</p> <p>How great will your team be?</p> <p>Feasibility Points:</p> <p>Awesomeness Points:</p> <p>Reality Check:</p> <p>2</p> <p>Fee</p> <p>d your Brain</p> <p>Coding Sessionsorgani</p> <p>ze</p> <p>Brown Bagsorgani</p> <p>ze</p> <p>Feasibility Points:</p> <p>Awesomeness Points:</p> <p>Reality Check:</p> <p>3</p> <p>Say:Well done!</p> <p>Appreciationalso of</p> <p>small things</p> <p>is important for</p> <p>happiness</p> <p>Appreciation</p> <p>made</p> <p>public</p> <p>Appreciation</p> <p>for</p> <p>everybody</p> <p>Appreciation</p> <p>without</p> <p>approval</p> <p>Appreciation</p> <p>Feel free to recognise someone for something awesome they've done (no approval required!) To recognise a colleague, please click here.</p> <p>Atlassian Extranet</p> <p>Feasibility Points:</p> <p>Awesomeness Points:</p> <p>Reality Check:</p> <p>4</p> <p>Reportobot</p> <p>Wer</p> <p>e w</p> <p>ild </p> <p>abou</p> <p>t col</p> <p>lecti</p> <p>ng d</p> <p>ata</p> <p>TimeFeatures completedC</p> <p>ode ReviewsBuilds</p> <p>Testserver Performance</p> <p>VelocityCycle Tim</p> <p>eLead TimeSale</p> <p>sEvaluationsWeb Traf</p> <p>ficAdsSupport cases</p> <p>Customer SatisfactionRespo</p> <p>nse TimeApplicants</p> <p>Phone Interviews</p> <p>abou</p> <p>t aut</p> <p>omate</p> <p>d re</p> <p>ports</p> <p>Wer</p> <p>e w</p> <p>ild </p> <p>abou</p> <p>t sha</p> <p>ring </p> <p>data</p> <p>Wer</p> <p>e w</p> <p>ild </p> <p>InformationRadiator</p> <p>Alistair Cockburn</p> <p>Is it hot in here, or is it my</p> <p>?</p> <p>Feasibility Points:</p> <p>Awesomeness Points:</p> <p>Reality Check:</p> <p>5</p> <p>Dog Food</p> <p>Eatyour own</p> <p>Testi</p> <p>ng</p> <p>Bette</p> <p>r</p> <p>Resu</p> <p>lt</p> <p>Dog Food</p> <p>Eatingyour own</p> <p>is alpha testing</p> <p>fail!</p> <p>Dog Food</p> <p>Eatingyour own</p> <p>is understanding</p> <p>Dog Food</p> <p>Eatingyour own</p> <p>is painful</p> <p>Dog Food</p> <p>Eatingyour own</p> <p>is fast feedback</p> <p>Dog Food</p> <p>Eatingyour own</p> <p>is less QA</p> <p>Dog Food</p> <p>Eatingyour own</p> <p>is efficent workfor QA</p> <p>Dogf</p> <p>oodi</p> <p>ng</p> <p>@ Atlassian</p> <p>Feasibility Points:</p> <p>Awesomeness Points:</p> <p>Reality Check:</p> <p>6 Do aspecial</p> <p>day</p> <p>Forgetabout thecurrentSprintfor a day</p> <p>Doc Sprint</p> <p>technical writertechnical writer</p> <p>Blitz Test</p> <p>fearless tester</p> <p>Clean Up Day</p> <p>Get stuffout ofthe door</p> <p>Feasibility Points:</p> <p>Awesomeness Points:</p> <p>Reality Check:</p> <p>7 ExperimentationTime</p> <p>To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan and not quite enough time.</p> <p>Leaonard Bernstein</p> <p>vation</p> <p>vationthroughMotiInno</p> <p>Idea Brown Bags</p> <p>Plan Sprint Planning</p> <p>This... is the longest day of my life</p> <p>coolest</p> <p>Go Code</p> <p>:;while [ $? -eq 0 ];do nc -vlp 8080 -c'(r=read;e=echo;$r a b c;z=$r;while [ ${#z} -gt 2 ];do $r z;done;f=`$e $b|sed 's/[^az0-9_.-]//gi'`;h="HTTP/1.0";o="$h 200 OK\r\n";c="Content";if [ -z $f ];then($e $o;ls|(while $r n;do if [ -f "$n" ]; then $e "`ls -gh $n`<br />";fi;done););elif [ -f $f ];then $e "$o$c-Type: `file -ib $f`\n$c-Length: `stat -c%s$f`";$e;cat $f;else $e -e "$h 404 Not Found\n\n404\n";fi)';done</p> <p>Show Winner</p> <p>Innovation Motivation</p> <p>Crapy Code</p> <p>No final Product</p> <p>Not maintainable</p> <p>unstable Feature</p> <p>Good Code</p> <p>polished for Product</p> <p>It's maintainable</p> <p>stable Feature</p> <p>20% time</p> <p>Timeinnovation</p> <p>independent</p> <p>free</p> <p>Time</p> <p>Time</p> <p>Sprint GoalsWorkload</p> <p>Dependencies</p> <p>Conflicts</p> <p>Time</p> <p>Time</p> <p>Time</p> <p>innovation</p> <p>planned</p> <p>team</p> <p>Innovation Week</p> <p>Feasibility Points:</p> <p>Awesomeness Points:</p> <p>Reality Check:</p> <p>1</p> <p>2</p> <p>3</p> <p>4</p> <p>5</p> <p>6</p> <p>7</p> <p>Its Flowtime</p> <p>Feed your Brain</p> <p>Say: Well done</p> <p>Report Robot</p> <p>Eat your own Dogfood</p> <p>Do a Special Day</p> <p>Innovation Time</p> <p>Try </p> <p>but dont bestupid!</p> <p>Fail!</p> <p>Measure!</p> <p>One Step </p> <p>at a time</p> <p>Different be</p> <p>Were hiring a lot</p> <p></p> <p>Thanks!</p>