Human evolution

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  • 1. HUMAN EVOLUTIONCourtesy

2. Survey Beliefs in HumanEvolution 3. Skeletal Comparisons 4. PosturePongid HominidBent over or quadrapedal; Upright or bipedalKnuckle-walking common 5. Leg and ArmPongid HominidArms longer than legs,Legs usually longer thanadapted for swinging by arms; adapted for stridingarm - usually among trees 6. Feet PongidHominidLow arches; opposable bigHigh arches; big toes intoes - capable of grasping line with others; adapted for walking 7. TeethPongid HominidProminent; large gaps Reduced; reduced orbetween canines and absent gapsnearby teeth 8. SkullPongidHominidBent forward from spinal Upright on spinal column;column; very rugged; smooth brow ridgesprominent brow ridges 9. FacePongidHominidJaws jut out; very heavy; Vertical profile; Morevery wide nasal opening;distinct chin; Prominentsloping nasal spine 10. Brain SizePongidHominid280-705 cm3 (current)400-2000 cm3(fossil to present) 11. Proposed Hominid Evolution 12. Comparison of Hominid Brain Size 13. This genetic distance map made in2002 is an estimate of 18 worldhuman groups by a neighbor-joiningmethod based on 23 kinds of geneticinformation. 14. Out of Africa 15. Out of Africa