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1. Photo Editing ServicesPhoto Editing Services 2. With photo editing services you can restore your photographs. The professional editing services is here to reflect your old memories from your old destroyed photographs as we restore, enhance, manipulate the pictures in a desirable way. Pictures which has been damaged by improper way of handling, yellowness, scratches and other defects can be edited by the services we provide. WHITE BACKGROUND 3. CLIPPING PATH SERVICES Clipping path allows you to take out the portion inside the drawn clipping path by omitting unwanted part of the image so that the desired drawn area of an image becomes more visible and highlighted. Our highly professional clipping path services team incorporates the Image editing process in such a way that it gives you a sheer professional Image. 4. IMAGE/ PHOTO RESTORATION Photo restoration helps you to improve the condition of a bad photograph. Pictures which have lines and creases, tints of other colors or any other defect that is holding you back to put your picture in a frame. 5. MODELS RETOUCHING/COLOR CORRECTION SERVICESMODELS RETOUCHING/COLOR CORRECTION SERVICES We offer a Photo Retouching Service for Magazines, Fashion Models and agencies. All aspects Of Portrait Retouching Including Headshots, Figure & Facial Work, Commercials, Magazine Covers 6. IMAGE RETOUCHING Image retouching service results in facial retouching, flaws that should not be there, improvement in skin texture, virtual slimming, physical features and background improvement and many other correction. 7. IMAGE MANIPULATION Image manipulation allows you to reveal your imagination as this service can do wonders. It can change the background in various ways. The photo can be manipulated as you desire from giving special effects to merging of pictures etc. 8. IMAGE MASKING Image masking helps in isolation of a background without losing any element which holds importance. Removing the objects from the picture and focus on the main object, Hiding the pixels from the image and masking the picture to give a special effect. 9. IMAGE COLOR CORRECTION Precious moments captured in a camera are priceless and losing its real charm can be too disturbing. Such moments can only be re-lived through the smart editing that we offer through our Image Color Correction .Ditostech.Coms color correction services can restore your customers treasured photos to its full value and give it a high quality Image. 10. Contact UsContact Us DITOS Technologies Private Limited Email : [email protected] 11. Thanks for PatienceThanks for Patience