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  • 1. Digital Marketing Intelligence Beyond News Feeds Beyond Social ListeningChase McMichael Co-Founder CEO InfiniGraphSeth Wiener CRO/COO InfiniGraph Analyze Automate Activate

2. MARKETING INTELLIGENCE INTERFACE 3. POES MEDIAImage created by Room214 4. SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE HITS ALL POES MEDIA Paid Trending content in display media InfiniGraph knows were to buy based onsocial behavior on media Earned Identifying content sources, productaffinity, influencers and partnerships Owned Content discovery zone, socialoptimization and trending content Social - content curation, optimization and adtargeting via Facebook / Twitter Interest, 5. PAIDTrending content in display media InfiniGraph knows were to buy, when and why - based on socialbehavior within media 6. AGILE MARKETINGReal-Time content distribution and management. Based onwhats trending and consumer engagement. 7. MEDIA PLANNING Social behavior enables contentconsumption monitoring Identify sources where paid media is morerelevant to consumers and effective ComScore is based on Traffic not based oncontent relevance Agile Marketing and real-time trendingcontent in ads WORKS! 8. Amplify whats trendingAGILE DISPLAY MEDIA with display media yields engagement.Back to Facebook and Website 9. SOCIAL TRENDING CONTENT IN ADSFiltered trending content live in ads, apps, website and FBlanding pages - Real Time content marketing at scale. Nota mindless feed but based on relevance. 10. EARNED Identifying content sources,product affinities, influencers and partnerships 11. EXAMPLE OF HYPERCURATIONWhats most relevant to X GamesContent as it trends andfollowers based on content compared to each other showsengagement the best for an affinity grouping 12. ACTIONABLE INSIGHT ON TRENDING CONTENT Content that trends is set for distribution or feed reposting to obtain higher engagement. 13. INFLUENCERSBrands and people with highest incommon content to consumer interaction. 14. OWNEDContent discovery zone, social optimization and trendingcontent 15. SURFACE WHATS TRENDINGExpose whats relevant on many touchpoints in real-time 16. HYPERCURATION Hypercuration Aggregation of relevantcontent and competitive intelligence Why Hypercuration is such a big deal? Increase engagement via relevance Real-Time content edit and control Aggregates many sources simultaneously Hypercuration of top trending contentsources for Forever 21 consumers andhairstylist 17. CONTENT EXPOSURE On landing Tabs within Facebook Create the ultimate discovery zone.Ads and Content Tickerson website Like whatFacebook has 18. SOCIAL Ad targeting via Facebook and Twitter Interest, contentcuration and repost optimization 19. CONTENT CONSUMPTION GRAPHWhat is the health of your feed?Before AfterChallenge is knowing what to putin your feed 20. TRENDING BRAND AFFINITIESContinuous realtime processing ofkey sites,publications,influencers andoverall industrycontent.We know where toplace media, whyand with what. 21. THE MOST POWERFUL PROSPECT-TARGETING OPPORTUNITY IN HISTORY Never before in historyhas the average businesshad the power to targetthis many people thisspecifically 800+ Million Users Target by demographic,location and likes Very low minimumspend Scale your Facebook and Twitter targeting to the right people at the right time with the right content@briancarterwww.likeonomics.or 22. THE COST OF VISIBILITY 23. 2012 PRICINGINFINIGRAPH PRICE PLAN 2012BuilderDriverDominatorContent Curation, Ongoing Social IntelligenceEnterprise PriceMonthlyMonthly MonthlySaved Searches Brand Names35 10Content feeder sites (additional curation sites)51525Features Brand/Affinity Trending: Ongoing social analysis YesYes Yes Brand Trending Affinities for Facebook ad buyYesYes Yes top 15 Trending Content / Trending ReportingYesYes Yes Content OptimizerYesYes Yes HypercurationYesYes Yes Facebook/Twitter Interest download (Every 3YesYes Yes months service cost)$1,800 2,800 4,200 Landing Tab trending content application$250 $250$250 hosing monthly Trending content within Ads unitsCPM/CPCCPM/CPC CPM/CPC ( $2CPM or $0.50 CPC ) Social Ads 24. CONSUMER INTEREST & CONTENT IDENTIFICATION Identify content sources most relevant Optimize engagement news feeds and ads Expand and grown engagement / reach Media planning based on content relevance Identify partner and publishers forintegrated trending content andHypercuartion . 25. CONTACT INFORMATIONChase McMichael InfiniGraph @infinigraph @chasemcmichaelSeth Wiener InfiniGraph 26. THANK YOUThe sole purpose of this Presentation is to introduce participants to Infinigraph and its activities.